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Cindi McMenamin Recommendations

Submitted by Iron Sharpens Iron on 11/17/2016

Lori Schofer, Women's Director

On Topic

Cindi recently spoke at our women's conference and packed the rooms. Cindi's topics were very relevant to women and she presented very professionally. She was engaging and vulnerable and funny all at once. She related so well to her audience. I highly recommend Cindi as a speaker.

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Cheryl Merrell

Cindi spoke truth into the lives of so many women through her retreat talks on how we can be "Drama Free." It was evident from the sharing time that God used her mightily to impact the hearts of so many of the ladies at the retreat.

Submitted by Director Of Women's Ministry, South Mountain Community Church on 10/05/2021

Karyn Bowerman Lentz, Women's Ministry Coordinator

Cindi was an inspirational speaker to our ladies ranging from 25 to 80 years, as well as new to mature Christians. Speaking on Discovering Your Dream, she utilized spiritual knowledge and wisdom, her perceptions of human nature, personal and second-hand experiences/narratives to challenge us to think about God's dream for our lives. Very real and compassionate, she used enthusiasm, empathy ,as well as humor, in her presentations and discussions with our ladies.

Submitted by United Evangelical Free Church In Southern Oregon on 11/07/2019

Sabrina Castaneda, Women's Ministry Director

Cindi McMenamin was so well-received at our event last weekend and many women wrote on their comment cards that her message was “timely” and perfect for where they are right now. "Loved it!” was another repeated comment.

Submitted by Central Community Church, Fresno, Ca on 11/10/2017

Kristine Tanzillo, Ministry Assistant

Cindi was able to connect emotionally and spiritually with every women at Legacy of Love. Her message, energy, and love for the Lord was well received by all who attended.

Submitted by First Baptist Church, Canton, Tx on 03/13/2017

Corina Chinen, Director of Women's Ministries

Cindi was wonderful and such a blessing to our ladies. Her message inspired, encouraged and challenged women to grow in their walk with Christ and become the women God has called them to be. We had a wonderful time with Cindi and know that wherever she gets to share her messages, women will be blessed.

Submitted by Hope Chapel, Hermosa Beach, Ca on 12/15/2016

Rhonda Johnson, Pastor's Wife and Women's Minister

Cindi spoke at our Women's Night Out. It was the night before "the election" and everyone really needed a boost of encouragement. Cindi delivered. The women connected with her stories but also were lifted in their hearts. They came in tired and left refreshed. Several women also mentioned wanting to engage in the story of the Bible in a fresh way. Way to go are a gem!

Submitted by Grace Point Church on 11/28/2016

Shana Lewis, Event Coordinator

Gals are still emailing me as to what a blessing Cindi and her message was to them.

Submitted by Grace Point Church, San Diego, Ca on 11/23/2016

MaryAnn Monroe, Director, Women's Ministry

Cindi is a top notch speaker and author. Her content was very well prepared and delivered, and she included many personal and biblical examples to amplify her teaching. She is engaging, funny, personable and she integrated with our women, so much so, we felt like she was "one of us." Cindi has been our guest three times at our annual retreats and has never disappointed! She is a beautiful, godly woman that you will enjoy immensely!

Submitted by My. Airy Bible Church (mt. Airy, Md) on 11/14/2016

Diane Sibille, Director

Cindi McMenamin brought a joyful spirit, deeply biblical point of view and meaningful testimony to her presentation at our Women's Advance Conference. She is lively as a speaker and not only kept the attention of our attendees, but spoke meaningfully into their lives. Our feedback sheets produced super high marks for relevance, enjoyment and biblical content. Cindi does not disappoint. On the contrary, she enlivens the lives of those who attend to hear her and that is exactly what her mission is as a speaker. Your event will sparkle with Cindi as your key note speaker but greater still, Christ will be honored and centered upon.

Submitted by Women's Advance on 11/14/2016

Victoria Roy, Pastor's Wife & Women's Retreat Coordinator

Cindi incorporates biblical truths and applies them to life experiences. Our ladies loved her, and we can't wait to have her back.

Submitted by Pathway Church on 09/18/2016

Barbara Willett, Director of Special Projects/Ministry Outreach

"I enthusiastically recommend Cindi as an articulate, engaging, delightful speaker. Invite her to encourage your women and you'll want her to come back again and again."

Submitted by Network Of Evangelical Women In Ministry (newim) on 10/31/2015

Renee McCluskey, Director of Women's Ministry

“I highly recommend Cindi. Our ladies would LOVE to hear her again. She has a vast amount of godly wisdom and she is very approachable and personable. You won't be disappointed."

Submitted by First Baptist Church Women's Ministry, Tuscaloosa, Al on 10/31/2015

Mrs. Brenda Brisson, Director of Women's Ministry

"Words cannot express how much we love Cindi and appreciate the job she did for our group! She is real, relatable, and such a clear communicator. She was very prepared and exceeded our expectations. We highly recommend her."

Submitted by Cornerstone Community Church Women's Ministry, Wildomar, Ca on 10/31/2015