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Paula Webb Recommendations

Submitted by Anthem Church on 11/19/2021

Chase Feindel

On Topic

Paula is a dynamic communicator whose love for God's Word is unrivaled. When she speaks, you better buckle up! You are going to be moved and inspired as she invites you to a deeper walk with Jesus.

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Matt Mizell

Paula is a beautiful blend of energy, truth, compassion, and excitement! God has given her an amazing ability to take His Word and make it come alive in practical ways that are applicable across generational lines.

Submitted by Pinon Hills Community Church on 10/20/2021

Christie Jr. High leader and parent

My daughter and I had the privilege to hear, as well as meet, Paula, at a women’s event at our home church. Paula is an exceptionally gifted speaker for the Lord. She is very passionate about “Splishing & Splashing” Jesus on each and every one she comes in contact with through the gospel. She is not only welcoming, with her beautiful sweet smile, but she is friendly, warm, personable, encouraging, funny & bold as she brings the message of Christ both on stage as well as off stage. She has a way of bringing the Word, capturing your attention as if your sitting right across from her and not in a seat rows away, having a real raw conversation about life and encouraging you with the Word and how it’s applicable. Paula is transparent, relatable, authentic, and engaging with her audience, which makes her a perfect speaker for women of all ages. I highly recommend Paula for your next women’s event.

Submitted by Ncc on 05/19/2021

Lyn Anderson, Life Group Pastor of Women’s Groups

Paula’s clear gifting and anointing of the Holy Spirit for teaching scripture is undeniable. Her authentic and relatable presence is unmatched in the field of women’s teachers and preachers. She has a unique ability to capture an audience of any size, small to large, and make you feel like she’s having a personal conversation with just you. Her tone is humble, her wit is on point, and most importantly her sharp precision of God’s holiness and scripture is what sets her apart. Truly and honestly, Paula is a woman who can bring truth, love and understanding through a microphone, walk off the stage, and wrap her arms around the unseen women in a room and pray over them with the same passion and grace she presented on stage. She is a pastor at heart with a deep deep love for the women of the global church and developing leaders. I’ve witnessed it over the last year weekly in bible study, asking her her speak a few times on teams on various topics online and in person. Amazing presences!

Submitted by North Coast Church, San Marcos/ Escondido Campus on 06/16/2020