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Melody Stevens

Christian Speaker
San Diego California 92103

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Jesus at the center of our health: Mind, Body and Spirit."

Jesus at the center of our health: Mind, Body and Spirit."

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Name Fit+Faith
San Diego, CA 92103
United States of America

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Catalyst Church San Diego
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More About Melody Stevens

We are more than just our body. We are more than just our mind. We are a beautiful, dynamic, vibrant, interconnected tapestry of God's beauty and grace. We are each a unique reflection of Him.

After graduating with my doctorate and opening my first clinic by the age of 29, I soon came to realize that my ability to help people heal their bodies was only serving them half-way. 

I felt God calling me to create and help people, more specifically God's women, in a more in-depth and all-encompassing way.

Being a Doctor of Physical Therapy, I am adept at helping people rehabilitate and regain function over their bodies. But God has made us so much more than that. Thus I expanded my services and furthered my education and training to begin helping women with weight loss, nutrition and self-image -- but again I felt God saying this wasn't fully completing His call on my life.

He kept urging me closer to Him, and to bring other women with me. My calling is clear now: To help women experience the fullness of health in their mind, body and spirit. An approach to 'healthy living' that encompasses the beautiful interwoven relationship of our spirit and mind and how that plays into the physical health of our bodies. 

We cannot affect one without affecting the others. In fact, we are selling ourselves short if we do attempt to separate them. 

Unfortunately this is what I see commonly in the church. The care of our bodies is not readily linked to our spiritual act of worship and reverence for the temple God has given us -- in which the Holy Spirit dwells!

>>  This is where I come in.  <<

Where women learn how to love themselves and show appreciation to God in a new and more profound way. To truly begin using our vessels of flesh and blood as a beautiful act of worship and submission to God's plan in each of our lives. 

When that takes place, we as women, rise up in ways we never have before. 

We experience a deeper relationship and fellowship with God when we see what our bodies are truly capable of. When we put down our incessant need for unhealthy foods and coping mechanisms and instead turn to our Creator as our Healer, Redeemer and First Love.

THEN the church becomes a force to be reckoned with! A powerful surge in the Heavenlies where evil cannot prevail!

Our bodies are our spiritual act of worship and devotion. Where God can use those who are surrendered to Him to maximize our gifts, talents, callings and passions to create a gale-force wind of Love, Grace, Mercy, Salvation and Redemption for a lost and hurting world.

It's time for God's women to rise up! 

And I am called to lead women into deeper relationship and revelation of God's love and work in our lives.