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Geneviéve Jones-Wright

Christian Speaker
Motivation.In.Action (MIA)
San Diego California 92114

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Life is our gift from God, and how we live is our gift to God.

Life is our gift from God, and how we live is our gift to God.

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Name Motivation.In.Action (MIA)
Online Social Profiles
San Diego, CA 92114
United States of America

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  • Salvation Date
  • 1988
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  • San Diego New Life Baptist Church
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More About Geneviéve Jones-Wright

My Story


I decided as a fourth grader that I would go to Howard University School of Law to follow in the footsteps of Justice Thurgood Marshall. My mother, who raised me as a single parent in a low-income home, nurtured my dreams and nourished them as if they were her own. Because of her unyielding support and God’s faithfulness - and despite what other people had already scripted for my life - I became the very first person in my family to go to college. I went on to study internationally, and earn three degrees in higher education - a B.A. (University of San Francisco), J.D. (Howard University School of Law), and LL.M. (California Western School of Law).

I’ve spent the last several years mastering being comfortable in uncomfortable situations and conquering a fear a year. In 2017, I accepted the biggest challenge of my life: I ran for political office! During the race, I offered the cure for our failing systems: more care, compassion, and concern. I quickly came to be regarded as a voice for “The People”, and garnered the reputation of being a compassionate, inspirational, and humanity-centered leader.

I am a “perpetual autobiographer.” As such, I do not allow other people to write my story. I am the author of my own story and I write its script daily. I take pride in defying odds and crushing stereotypes. My gift as a visionary enables me to help others write their own story from a place of authenticity that is also God-centered. 

My life goals are simple: 

Honor God.

Build on my grandmother’s legacy.

Make my mother proud.

I gratefully receive the gift of new mercies and grace every day, and regard each day as an opportunity to “do things better”. Through my professional motivational speaking firm, Motivation.In.Action (MIA), I empower individuals—especially women and young people—to “write their own stories” and to live on purpose. For me, MIA is not just a business, but a ministry. 

I am married to Oliver, a senior chief petty officer in the United States Navy. We live in San Diego, California with our amazingly sweet dog, Mellie. I proudly serve on the Board of Directors for the David’s Harp Foundation, a nonprofit that transforms the lives of justice-involved and unsheltered youth through the power of music, and am an adjunct professor at Point Loma Nazarene University. I served San Diego County for 13 years as a public defender. I now serve as the inaugural Legal Director for Partnership for the Advancement of New Americans (PANA).

You can find more information about me, my talks, and upcoming events here:

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