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Tonya Penfield Recommendations

Submitted by Community Bible Church on 11/08/2016

Martha Fisher, Pastor

On Topic

When I say Tonya Penfield takes the stage, I mean she really TAKES the stage. From the moment Tonya steps into the spotlight with her cool factor, she captures the attention of her audience. And when she speaks, the depth of Tonya's Bible knowledge and her transparency makes her both engaging and relatable. Tonya is a teacher, coach, and trainer in the secular world, but add to that her ability to make Biblical concepts practical to every day life, and you have a dynamic ministry experience. Tonya has been a key note speaker, a panelist, and a "talk show" contributor for a variety of women's events for Community Bible Church. In every event, Tonya consistently and effectively pointed women to Jesus.

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Lou Ann Bletsch

Tonya has been the most influential person in my walk with Christ over the last 5 plus years. She doesn't just beam brightly of His light, but knows the Bible and very effectively teaches the truth. Additionally, her passion and love of Christ is contagious! She has not just taught me the God's amazing story, but has encouraged me and taught me how to study and build a closer relationship with our Father.

Submitted by Usaa on 11/17/2016

Stephanie Dobson/Talent Program Coordinator

Tonya has a speaking style that is unique to her lively personality and captivates audiences from the very first word. Her delivery is professional yet fun and always full of wisdom. I've been to several events during which Tonya was one of the main speakers, if not the only speaker, and the number of compliments she receives are indicative of just how effective her communication skills are - she's phenomenal! You can ascertain how important her faith is to her in all of her messages and seeing her speak has made me want to deepen my walk with Christ so that I can one day be as enlightened.

Submitted by Usaa (contractor) on 11/14/2016

Gaye Preston, CPA, CFO

In San Antonio, the mere mention of Tonya Penfield's name conjures up an incredible reputation of a spirit filled, talented speaker who not only has the ability to capture the attention of her audience, but to inspire and motivate us to a deeper relationship with the risen Christ. Tonya is a master in providing Biblical examples and scripture to assure we have the tools to strengthen our walk and expand our knowledge. Somehow, she is able to accomplish all of this in a light-hearted, humor filled approach. Audiences are completely motivated to not only listen, but to apply what they have learned.

Submitted by San Antonio Lighthouse For The Blind on 11/14/2016

Stephanie Blakeslee, Women's Ministry Pastor

Tonya is a godly woman that lives out her faith. She is most definitely gifted by God in the areas of teaching and encouraging. She has a dynamic way of communicating God's Word so that it is easily understood. The joy of the Lord is her strength.

Submitted by Community Bible Church on 11/08/2016