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Suzy Gayle McCravy Recommendations

Submitted by The Divine Connection Ministries on 07/14/2021

Rita Caton

On Topic

Our church ministry ( and myself) would highly recommend Suzy Gayle McCravy as a Biblical speaker. She has quite a testimony, beautiful song ministry, shares the gospel message, and always brings glory to God through her experiences. Her message inspires others to never loose hope or heart for Jesus.

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Ruth Ann Jewett- Women's Ministry Director

We have had Suzy to sing and speak in our church for services and also were blessed to have her as the main speaker at a women's retreat. Her message in music always reflects the joy of the Lord and draws her audience to engage in worship with her. Her message from the Lord is always anchored in God's Word without compromise. No one will leave having not been challenged to examine the condition of their personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Her love for the Savior is contagious and bold. Thank you Lord for women like Suzy who serve You passionately in these days.

Submitted by The Country Church on 05/23/2019

Christy D Norris Pres of V7 Ranch

Suzy Gayle is a one of a kind person! She is so inspirational, very soft spoken but people listen to her. The way she helps people grieve would make you think she at least has a doctorate in psychiatry. I personally don't know what education SuzyGayle has but I suspect it's in hard knocks, for sure. She is a true example of not letting life make her bitter but becoming a better person through it all. I can see how God has rewarded her for her faithfulness by replacing or filling her heart with new things for the things she has had to give up. She is one of those people that makes everyone around her feel good. And then don't get me started on her singing! I like her tapes but when you hear her in person, the spiritual experience is hard to top! Her voice is spectacular, too!! She is a lovely lady inside & out, one that anyone would want to emmulate. SuzyGayle has a giving spirit & is about as unselfish as anyone I know. She is always thinking of others & serving others.

Submitted by V7 Ranch Co on 09/14/2016

David Meek, Pastor

So Honored to Encourage you to hear Suzy's Amazing testimony & Singing! You will be so bless that you will wish you had her back, just like I did! Her Husband is also has a amazing testimony & is a great singer, too!

Submitted by Glad Tidings Assembly Of God Church on 09/14/2016

Melissa Lamb & Pastors Wife

I have had the privilege of working with Suzy for more than 15 years. She has sang and spoken at church and at events including several women's conferences. She has a heart that loves the Lord and people. She always has a great Biblical message that is relevant to the group she is speaking to.

Submitted by Western Essential Ministries on 09/13/2016

Rev IW Smith _ Pres. Founder LIfe Min. also Nat'l Chaplain CGMA

We were very impressed with Suzy and her ministry.

Submitted by Life Ministries, Inc on 09/07/2016

JIm Tucker, Host and Producer

My name is Jim Tucker, and from 1997 until 2016 I hosted and produced a syndicated Christian Country Music radio program called The Sunrise Show. During that time I had the honor and privilege to meet and work with Suzy Gayle. We included much of her music in our playlists, and she and I also worked jointly to produce our first Christian Country Celebration concert featuring Suzy and other artists.

I have known Suzy for about fifteen years and can attest to her personal integrity as well as her sincere heart for the ministry. I would highly recommend her for any venture she might consider undertaking and would fully trust her with anything of value.

Submitted by The Sunrise Show on 09/02/2016

Janice Derrick

I have known Suzy for over 20 years. When i first met her we was at Pecos Valley Baptist Women's Retreat @ Sivells in Cloudcroft, NM. This would be her first time to share her testimony and sing since she had lost her daughter, Vanessa. She was timid at first, but gave a powerful, God filled testimony and her songs blessed beyond belief. Since then Suzie has done many Cowboy Church's for me. And her God given gift and talent is beyond amazing. She is a true woman after God's own heart. His love shines through her, without doubt. She is a true sister in Christ. Through her tragidies, she has found God's victory

Submitted by Pastor's Wife on 09/02/2016