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Marnie Swedberg Recommendations

Submitted by New Life Church on 10/28/2015

Kandi Puder, Pastor's Wife & Event Planner

On Topic

Marnie has a God-given talent for speaking the deep truths of the Bible in a practical and understandable way. She spoke at our Women's Retreat and went above and beyond our expectations... a joy to work with!

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Erin Campbell, Broadcasting and Conference Spokesperson

There is no one I can think of better equipped to keynote than Marnie Swedberg. With her extraordinary wisdom, experience, education, and expert authority in so many diverse areas and specialties, Marnie has become highly regarded as a trusted voice among women. But what sets Marnie apart from the rest in her field is her genuine humility. Whether we listen to her on the radio, television, online, or from a stage, Marnie makes things come alive and includes us in the process. I've experienced how she captivates her audiences with instructive clarity, then brings the point home with inspiring stories and side-splitting humor. Everyone walks away from Marnie's sessions filled with a renewed strength of purpose. Yes, it goes without saying, they chose the best to keynote this event!

Submitted by Water Through The Word on 02/20/2020

Carol J. Smith, WM Leader

Marnie is truly a fresh breath of God's inspiration for any audience. She provides professional empowerment for training leaders, and personal encouragement and equipping for all people. She is practical, real and relevant. She was our Oregon Fresh Start 2020 Keynote Speaker and I keep hearing more and more positive reports! We were all blessed with Marnie's messages of God's transforming grace.

Submitted by Fresh Start 2020 Women's Conference on 01/20/2020

JoAnn Manlove

Wow, Marnie is one amazing, spirit filled, can-do attitude, flexible, pleasant, happy, dynamic, organized, efficient, gifted, talented, sincere Christian woman! She just spoke at the 20th annual Summer Salad Supper our women's group at church hosts for all women in our surrounding Long Prairie area. We LOVE having all the Christian women in our area enjoy yummy summer salads together and be inspired by an engaging speaker. It was such a great & fun evening. I was so excited to have Marnie since I've used the speaker site she created for many years and have appreciated all the excellent speakers I've gotten from the site. The title of her talk was "When Life Gives You Lemons, Throw Them Back and Ask for Chocolate!" She had a great message and it was fun to decorate for & we enjoyed using her original song "Flow Through Me" to end the evening . She quickly responds to e-mails or phone calls during our planning time. She does not disappoint.

Submitted by American Lutheran Church Women on 06/19/2019

Pastor Wayne Maxwell, Senior Pastor

Many words come to mind when I think of Marnie Swedberg. Talented, compassionate, spirit-led, resourceful, prayerful, and humble are just a few. She is sensitive to spiritual truth and eager to share and use her God given talents and gifts. She displays a very humble attitude and seeks to honor God with her whole life. I have listened to her speak to groups with warmth, humor and sensitivity to God's leading. She has used her musical gifts to inspire and encourage others. She is a committed Christian, wife, mother, and businesswoman. I heartily recommend her. Her life and testimony are a delight to all who know her.

Submitted by Woodland Bible Church on 02/20/2019

Barbara Jauquet-Kalinoski, Director

When my speaker for a series of e-Publishing workshops cancelled, Marnie came to the rescue. She agreed to speak at seven library locations. She’s the most versatile person I’ve met and no project is too large for her to tackle. She brings more than you ever envisioned to the product, giving you a level of excellence that goes way beyond your original expectations. She only delivers quality. There’s no one else out there like her.

Submitted by Northwest Regional Library on 12/03/2018

Carole Brewer, Radio Host

Marnie was on my show and rocked the house!

Submitted by Bible Chicks on 11/27/2018

Pamela Cournoyer, Corporate Trainer

Working in the communication field, it is my job to identify top communicators, Marnie is one of them.

Submitted by Communication With Class on 06/26/2018