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Tamberlyn Brown Recommendations

Submitted by Linda Hudspeth on Monday, Nov 02, 2015

Linda Hudspeth

On Topic

Our lives and ministry brightened immeasurably the day Ray and Tami Thompson walked through the doors of Southwest Community Church of the Nazarene. Ray and Tami served as our youth pastors in two different churches. In both congregations, our youth groups were ignited spiritually and numerically, where they more than quadrupled. Tami Thompson truly exemplifies the statement, “Behind every successful man stands a good woman.” As a mother, she possesses the fruit of God’s Holy Spirit. No Words can speak louder than the success of their two outstanding sons, now serving in full time ministry. Tami is very self-motivated, resourceful, and intuitive. She possesses a joy that is always exuberant. No matter how difficult her circumstances may be, she has never failed to exhibit a state of happiness or felicity. She always finds reason for delight and has one of the most positive attitudes I have ever experienced...

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Donna Nichols

Tami held a training seminar for the Youth Workers of the North Florida District Church of the Nazarene and did an outstanding job providing cutting edge information that was spiritually challenging and practical for both the part time and full time Youth Pastor through her M.T.V. (Making Teens Victorious) curriculum. I highly recommend both Tami and the M.T.V. curriculum.

Submitted by North Florida District Church Of The Nazarene on Wednesday, Nov 07, 2018

Dr. David Tyler

It has been my pleasure to have Tami as one of my students. Tami has a passion for the Word of God. As we became better acquainted I knew I had found a fellow soldier in the battle for biblical sufficiency. I would like to recommend Tami Thompson as a guest speaker.

Submitted by Gateway Central Church Of The Nazarene on Monday, Nov 02, 2015

Dr. Mark Hager

It has been encouraging to see Tami's passion and giftedness in the area of biblical counseling. Many try to be good counselors, but she seems to connect so beautifully with both hurting people and God and His Word for great effectiveness. Tami is a blessing to me and to the entire organization of NANC and IABC as well. Keep up the good work. I would recommend her to anyone for the perfect balance of Truth and Grace in solving their counseling needs. May God continue to bless the already great success she is having in her ministry!

Submitted by Nanc And Iabc on Monday, Nov 02, 2015