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Shari Fitzpatrick Recommendations

Submitted by Now Digital/Women In Automotive on 04/24/2020

Christy Roman, President

On Topic

Shari is an extremely knowledgeable and dynamic speaker. She is also one of the smartest people I know, and can be called upon to provide expertise on a multitude of subjects including leadership and personal development.

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Aric Resnicke, Chief Executive Servant

I had always thought about Shari as a great marketer and entrepreneur as I watcher her grow her business from her kitchen into a national phenomena. I just HAD to get her to speak to our organization, which consisted of both large and small businesses.

After she finished sharing her story of business, perseverance and faith, I had never had such a response from our members. Shari struck a chord with so many, who just needed to hear from somebody who faced similar struggles as them. Her story resonated with what they were facing in their businesses; and her words gave them hope and courage.

Thank you, Shari, for keeping the room engaged—they asked for more! Well done!”

Submitted by Christian Business Roundtable on 05/06/2020

Randy Rich, Vice President

I have known Shari for 10 years. Her life experiences will bless any audience. Her journey of peaks and valleys will bless any audience. She is Gods champion

Submitted by Educational Media Foundation Dba Klove Radio Network on 05/03/2020

Janine D'Agostini

Shari Fitzpatrick is one of the most energetic, fun and charismatic speakers to uplift your event or conference.
She brings her relatable life experience to the front of the conversation, helping the audience to feel her heartfelt story and you can't help but be motivated and feel the love and joy she brings. She bonds her professional life with a very personal story that lifts the glory to God and the Blessings to her audience.

Submitted by Thrive With 10-35 President on 04/26/2020

Debbie McCarthy, CEO of AboutTownDeb LLC

I have had the privilege of hearing Shari speak a few times and each time she spoke with grace, courage and even a bit of humor. Sharing her story with us and at the same time we were able to experience and taste her Chocolate Covered Strawberries and her newest Chocolate Covered Grapes as she shares how “Berry Grapeful” she is and how we were as well hearing her story.

We all have a story and listening to Shari inspired us to never give up and that we are blessed. Thank you Shari for never giving up!

Submitted by Abouttowndeb on 04/24/2020

KimAileen White, Owner

I had the privilege of hearing Shari speak at an HR Leadership Conference in January 2020. In addition to a wonderful story of overcoming extreme personal challenges. I was impressed by HOW Shari shared a significant life lesson in her work as a national entrepreneur facing huge success only to make a mistake that cost her the company she had worked incredibly hard to create and brand with exceptional quality. Remarkable to her story was the boldness which with Shari shared her faith with a secular crowd of business people. Her confident transparency in sharing her faith in and dependence upon Jesus Christ to carry her through this tough time in her life was witness to God's power in all of our lives. There is no fluff-and-puff in Shari's presentation. She delivers a message of power that goes straight to the heart. Shari instills a courage and confidence only God can plant. Her joy for life is contagious and she holds her audience with her passion. Shari is an exceptional speaker.

Submitted by Whitestone Personal And Professional Marketing, Llc on 04/24/2020

KimDelgado vice chair

Shari was a pleasure to have a the key note speaker at The Placer Womens retreat 2019. She was the perfect inspiration to all our guests. Life and work balance, reaching personal goals and taken control of our challenges.

Submitted by Placer Breast Cancer Foundation on 04/23/2020

Kat Rutledge

Shari was a wonderful, warm and engaging speaker. Our audience loved her and her story!

Submitted by Klamath Idea on 04/23/2020

John Jackson, President

Shari is engaging, dynamic, and thoughtful. Our students loved her talk and she is a winnner!

Submitted by William Jessup University on 04/23/2020

Andrea Dowling President

Her story is very impactful. She is fun and motivating. You will leave feeling encouraged.

Submitted by Dowling And Co. on 04/23/2020

Karen Lindwall-Bourg

We love the Person - Shari is authentic and comforting and entertaining!
We love the Product - Our family has tried everything - strawberries, cookies, apple wedgies, grape-full clusters, the chocolate covered book and more!!
We love the Presentation - every page of Shari's Berried in Chocolate Book and every word of her presentation is innovative and encouraging!
Shari - I'll follow you anywhere!

Submitted by National Association Of Christian Women Entrepreneurs on 04/23/2020