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Rhonda Jones Recommendations

Submitted by Personal on Sunday, Mar 11, 2018

Bobbi Kloss

On Topic

Rhonda is truly blessed - she is an engaging speaker sharing her heart, her walk with God and her triumphs and even her struggles.

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Conrad Pruitt

This was my first retreat of any kind and it has surpassed my preconceived notions of what could be accomplished on one retreat. The material that was covered was beyond my expectations in quality and the depth of areas that we were able to pursue. The instruction given by Rhonda Jones was excellent. I would attend any other retreat that she is conducting in the future.

Submitted by Self-employed on Sunday, Mar 25, 2018

Grace White

I just completed a mind and spirit transforming retreat that was facilitated by Rhonda Jones. I have taken this week to reflect on the depth of her teaching that week in order to go over what she shared and how to put into daily practice the tools she gave us to keep us rooted with Christ in mind body and Spirit

Submitted by Former Saskatoon Health Region on Thursday, Mar 15, 2018

LaurieAnn Marks

I met Rhonda through a ‘God Getaway Retreat’ in Costa Rica (March 2018). She led our group through meditation and emotional tools which help you discern stumbling blocks to your personal goals and happiness. Rhonda was authentic, caring and practical in her group sessions leading all of us to some degree of heart change. Through the tools she presented I was able to clarify those life activities which should be pursued and those which I need to let go. It was liberating!

Submitted by Home Health Care on Wednesday, Mar 14, 2018

Veronica Vega

Rhonda Jones is very professional, friendly and inspiring. The tools provided are priceless. I started the reatat with uncertainty and reluctancy. However, by the second day, I knew god had prepared me for such a time as this. the course content was so relevant to my specific needs that I felt as if the retreat was designed just for me. However, this was a shared feeling among all of the participants. I would highly recommend Rhonda's retreat, so much that I am trying which one to book next!

Submitted by Holy Yoga Teacher on Tuesday, Mar 13, 2018

Dawn Marie Times

The God Getaway Retreat was a Godsend to help with my journey of evolving. The tools that Rhonda taught was for me at the right time. My experience was well worth it and was even able to put a few of the tools into practice while there. The retreat center had all the ambriance of being away at a remote location. The excursions, food, and views were amazing.

Submitted by School Secretary on Monday, Mar 12, 2018

Yvonne Evans

I truly enjoyed the retreat in Canafistual, Costa Rica. The accommodations were perfect for a Christian yoga and meditation retreat. Our host, Rhonda Jones was extremely hospitable and gracious. I really enjoyed the meditation sessions. I would recommend others to take part in Rhonda's retreats.

Submitted by Department Of Education Sacramento on Monday, Mar 12, 2018

Michelle Palmer

Thank you so much Rhonda! You are an amazing teacher and encourager. The material is very impressive. I thoroughly enjoyed everything about the retreat. The sessions were helpful and life changing. The practical "digging deeper" were awesome and I will continue to complete at home.

Submitted by Holy Yoga Instructor on Monday, Mar 12, 2018

Lynnis Woods-Mullins CHHC, CLC,CPI

I have known Rhonda JOnes for almost 10 years. I find her to not only be inspirational but also knowledgeable when it comes to the field of Christian Meditation, Yoga and overall Health and Wellness. Rhonda has an amazing grasp of many topics that fall within the wellness genre and shares her information in an entertaining and informative way. Rhonda has such an easy and engaging manner she is a joy to listen to you and you find yourself wanting to listen to more of her wisdom.

Submitted by Featured Holistic Living And Wellness Expert, Publisher & Editor, Internet Radio And Tv Host on Thursday, Dec 14, 2017

Peggy Edgerly

I have known Rhonda Jones in a variety of capacities for many years. She has been my christian yoga instructor, my christian meditation director, christian retreat coordinator and I'm happy as well as honored to say my friend.

Rhonda is efficient, extremely competent and supernaturally effective at all she does.

Rhonda also has an excellent rapport with the people she comes into contact with. Her communication skills along with her warm, calming demeanor leaves you with a hunger for wanting to be with and get closer to God.

I highly recommend Rhonda Jones because I have witnessed with my own eyes the positive impact she has had on many people through the years. She has helped them learn skills which has enabled them to quiet their minds and relax their bodies so that they can be still and KNOW that He is God. I personally thank God for putting Rhonda Jones in my life. Please feel free to contact me at (916) 201-2500 or peggyedgerly@gmail.com with any questions.

Submitted by Senior Exercise Instructor/strength Building & Breathing Techniques Coordinator on Wednesday, Nov 15, 2017