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Lori Hartin Recommendations

Submitted by Church Of The Harvest on 11/07/2016

Cindy Costa & Women's Pastor

On Topic

Lori was hilarious, she brought so much peace and joy into the room. She spoke an amazing word and she referenced biblical characters and stories. Lori was very real, and because she was so real, you could relate to her as a speaker. Our service was filled with laughter, serious moments and life changing moments. I would highly recommend Lori as a speaker at any of your events. I also plan on using Lori again. Very anointed too !!

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Linda Faye Deneau, Student

Lori Hartin has good communication skills and an excellent understanding of human behavior. Her sense of humor is encouraging to everyone she meets. Lori loves the Lord and loves people. She has a servant's heart and is dedicated to using her spiritual 'gift of gab' to touch people right where they are.

Submitted by Epic Bible College on 01/25/2024

Kelly Einsel, District Girls Ministries Coordinator

Lori combines humor and truth in a way that penetrates your heart, her life experiences connecting her with everyday women.

Submitted by Norcal/nevada Assemblies Of God on 03/29/2023

Ginger Hohm

Lori Hartin is a gifted communicator. She is warm, engaging, and has a wealth of knowledge. She is polished in her approach and eager to help by sharing her own experiences. She has overcome various physical issues that make her qualified and give her a marked story that needs to be shared.

Submitted by Mojo Video on 11/25/2021

Melanie Simmons, Co-Lead Pastor

Lori delivered a heart felt, captivating and sincere Art of Prayer workshop for the ladies of our church. What Lori carries is needed message within the community of the local church and she certainly blessed our church body.

Submitted by Arena Christian Center on 04/24/2019

Ruth Demers

I highly recommend Lori Hartin! She has the ability to relate to all women in many different walks of life, and speak the truth of God's love into their lives. She is also very gifted at teaching women that God has a gift for everyone, and that He will use it to His glory no matter how big or small it seems to be. We as a women's ministry are blessed to have had Lori come and share with our group.

Submitted by Ladies Of Grace Church Elk Grove on 11/21/2018

Stephanie Sherwood, CEO/Founder

Lori has emceed for us multiple times and she NEVER disappoints. She is on point, has a great way of transitioning from one part of the program to the next. She has grace and humor. She always pulls the program back to God. I would highly recommend Lori for anyone looking for a professional, fun and super talented emcee.

Submitted by The Tapestry Network on 10/23/2017

Missy Robertson - Music Artist

I would definitely recommend Lori Hartin for any emcee or speaking opportunities. She is great communicator and really keeps the audience engaged. She does what is asked of her and then remains flexible when things in the schedule may change. I would use Lori for one of my events again, people at my event really enjoyed her.

Submitted by The Missy Robertson Music on 10/02/2017

Sara Wildermuth, Director of Women's Ministry

Thank you Lori for bringing your enthusiastic and creative gifts to encourage and equip our women at the fantastic "Art of Prayer" workshop last week. The examples and materials you provided were so helpful and useful. Was incredible to see how God took the time we spent and showed Himself in the truth he showed each participant. The reflective time was a great start, and I know I will take what I learned into my own personal prayer time. Hearing the sharing was powerful - God is so personal and good!

Submitted by Sun Grove Church on 04/29/2017

Trina Pockett

Lori Hartin is an incredible speaker. She delivers powerful messages full of truth and hope. If you are looking for a speaker who will inspire, encourage, and challenge you to grow in your faith- you have found her. Lori lives and speaks a message that points women to Christ.

Submitted by Www.trinapockett.com on 03/13/2017

Marsha McFarland

Lori is a real person! She connected with our ladies immediately. She spoke at our Fall Women's event and brought humor, passion and enlightenment through scripture. I would heartally recommend her for any engagement.

Submitted by New Life Center on 09/18/2016

Gretchen Harris

Lori has the perfect combination of heart, humor and depth. She was the MC of the event we were both at. When she speaks, the room comes alive with her energy, enthusiasm and love for God and people. She is a delightful and authentic woman and I believe would be an asset for any event.

Submitted by The Unstoppable Conference on 06/09/2016

Jennifer Sunseri- women's ministry team leader

Lori was fantastic! She was very flexible in working on a theme that was best for our ladies needs and in fact created something new for us. She made herself available to meet in person and emailed me often to work on a theme and message for our conference. She is real, approachable, and very open. She has a wonderful sense of humor and her love for the Lord shines through. She is very passionate about women's ministry. I loved working with her and gained a new friend.

Submitted by Grace Church on 05/30/2016

Lori Novak

Lori Hartin spoke at our church at a women's event. She was relevant, authentic, and comical and related well to our women. I was very pleased and blessed with Lori's ministry and would definitely recommend her for your next women's event!

Submitted by Streamline Church on 05/28/2016

Rev. Vickie Stanfill , Women's Pastor

Lori Hartin is a gifted communicator of God's Word, using real life illustrations and humor with great honesty, sincerity and a down-to-earth style that will minister to women from all walks of life. Her topics are relevant for all women and for any women's event. Lori not only talks the talk, but walks the walk, not perfectly, but with grace. Your women will be encouraged, uplifted, enriched, entertained and most importantly, changed.

Submitted by Horizon Christian Fellowship on 10/30/2015

Christina Patton, Independent Sales

Lori is a talented speaker, singer and writer that you will enjoy hearing from, with a heart to minister to women.

Submitted by Mary Kay Cosmetics on 10/30/2015