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Rev. Dr. Cheryl Thomas

Debbie is proactive in her planning, which makes the experience well-prepared. She also prepares with a prayerful pre-date, asking for God's leadership, which is important to me as a pastor, since I am doing the same for her and the ladies attending our women's retreat. The day was Spirit-filled and meaningful. Evaluations received from our 30+ group of women reflected very strong responses; thus, we are asking her to return for our next year's district event.

Submitted by Lincolnshire Church Of The Brethren on Saturday, Apr 20, 2019

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Debbie Roth Most Recent Recommendations

Patti Heitkamp President

Debbie was our guest speaker today at our CCW Ladies Luncheon. She is amazing!! She is a wonderful inspiration to all. Her voice is beautiful!! Afterwards, I had so many compliments from our guests. I definately recommend her! The only problem this is that she entertained us for only 45 min, we could have listened to her all day!!

Submitted by St. Ann Ccw on Saturday, Apr 27, 2019

Teresa Douglas, Organizer

Debbie spoke at our Women's Retreat this spring. We had not had a women's retreat for a few years and when we decided to have one, who better to speak than a member from our own church! We were not disappointed! We had a God-focused, thought provoking day filled with seriousness, laughter, lovely music and a chance to connect with other women. We would highly recommend Debbie.

Submitted by Valley Christian Church on Wednesday, Apr 24, 2019

Sandy Gilbert - Chairman

Debbie Roth was our guest speaker for our Ladies' guest day luncheon. She shared the Gospel in a very non-threatening manner because we had a variety of churches represented and connected with our group very well. We enjoyed her music, and she made sure to interact with the ladies individually. I would highly recommend her.

Submitted by David Community Church Ladies Group on Wednesday, Aug 22, 2018