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Eileen Banks Recommendations

Submitted by Richfiel Springs Bible Church on 10/30/2015

Paula Woudenberg, Coordinator

On Topic

For the past nine years, Eileen Banks has been coming to our church to minister to us at our annual Ladies Day of Encouragement. Eileen combines humor and real life experiences to present a program geared to lift women's spirits. Anyone listening to Eileen knows she is one of us. She has experienced our trials, tribulaations and our joys and this is one of the reasons why Eileen is so effective and why the ladies come back each year. There is no doubt in my mind that God is using Eileen to do His work. She presents the Gospel message in a way that cannot be ignored. Yet she shares our struggles and encourages us in our walk with the Lord. Eileen is an awesome lady and we are truly blessed to have her in our lives.

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Cammie Converse, Women's Ministry

"Eileen Banks is a gifted servant of Jesus Christ and an authentic woman of God! As a speaker, Eileen is genuine, vulnerable, and downright enteraining. Her love for people with all their faults-is unmistakable and her ability to use drama and humor is inspiring. she weaves Biblical truth into all aspects of her program anddoes not shy away from sharing intimately of her own spiritural journey. Eileen is creative and committed to serving those who entrust her with theor time and attention. She can tailor her programs to suit your needs - from a full blown conference to a small group of ladies gathered for tea. She is able to develop topics and themes at your request and is able to weave music and drama into any topic- that is just another of her unique abilities. I hightly recommend Eileen, as I know she will challenge and encourage women of all ages within your realm of influence."

Submitted by Christian Gospel Fellowship Chruch on 03/06/2023

Ian Banks, Pastor

Eileen has been speaking for over 20 years using her skills of drama, music and bibical truths to put forth her messages. I highly recommend her for any event that you have. Whether you use one of her themes or one you request her to fashion for you, there will be a blessing for all.

Submitted by Immanuel Baptist Church on 09/15/2022

Shirley Redcay

Eileen is energetic, creative, and thought-provoking as a speaker. She is a natural encourager. Her message is easy to understand and effective in showing how to develop and grow a relationship with God. She can speak easily to any age group. I enjoyed every minute of her presentation!

Submitted by Ephrata Area Women's Connection on 09/01/2021