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Renetta Nail Recommendations

Submitted by Fellowship Dallas on 01/04/2022

Tola Oladipupo

On Topic

Renetta is a compelling communicator and a gifted teacher. She weaves Scripture, humor, and personal anecdotes together to testify of God’s love and faithfulness. No stranger to trials in this life, she inspires unwavering hope in God’s Word as she details how it has anchored her through her darkest days. Her hope-filled words will leave you empowered to live out your calling and walk in your identity as a child of God.

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Cheryl Ballew

Renetta Nail is tons of fun, but at the same time, when it's time to get down to business with God, she leads her listeners into the presence of the Almighty and shows them the deep truths of God's heart. Renetta has experienced heartaches common to humankind and knows the path through them to the calm and light on the other side of them. She is personable, honest, hilarious, transparent, and deeply His.

Submitted by Piedra Vista High School on 08/30/2021

Erin Miars

Renetta speaks to ladies about matters on the Christian woman’s heart...she speaks with clarity, love and laughter, engaging her listeners through song and stories of her own walk with Christ. She teaches that God’s grace and love for us is limitless, and how to realize that love in your own life. Very uplifting and inspired speaker for women today!

Submitted by Hagerman Baptist Church Women’s Ministry on 03/19/2021

Melissa B. (Women's Ministry Leader)

It was such a joy having Renetta speak and sing at our women's luncheon! Renetta prayed with me over our ladies right from the first time we spoke. She was personable, funny, confident and friendly. She was also very flexible with rescheduling during the covid season and I would highly recommend booking her!

Submitted by Hagerman Baptist Church on 03/18/2021

Diane Chambers

Ranetta Nail is an amazing speaker. I first heard her speak at our church for a ladies event. I was captivated by her testimony and topic on Spiritual Gifts. She shared her experiences and how God has personally given ME special gifts to glorify Him and build up the Church. (I took lots of notes to reflect back on!) Ranetta had us laughing and then crying throughout her presentation. God is truly leading in her life and ministry.

Submitted by Hagerman Baptist Church on 03/16/2021

Sheree Taylor

Renetta spoke at our women’s luncheon and brought her daughter and sister-in-law to help lead us in worship. She spoke about what we say to ourselves and and what God says to us. She was down to earth and very engaging. She is very relatable and has a wonderful grasp on scripture. The music and singing was beautiful! We were very blessed to have them lead us in study and worship!!

Submitted by Hagerman Baptist Church on 03/15/2021

Jill DeMoss

Renetta has had a beautiful heart for reaching women for the Lord, for many years. She has the spiritual gift of teaching and to see how the Holy Spirit speaks through her, is incredible. She loves the Lord and lives out that love daily.

Submitted by Albuquerque on 03/15/2021

Delores Greene, Women's Ministry Leader

Renetta spoke at our Women's Retreat and was wonderful; she was fun (& funny) when needed but also shared Biblical truths in a Spirit-filled testimony. She provided time for interaction between the women with guidance from the Holy Spirit that enabled everyone to be touched and filled with the goodness of God. I highly recommend her as a speaker and woman of God--you can't go wrong if you invite her to speak!

Submitted by First Baptist Church, Argyle on 02/25/2019

Sandie Powell, Pastor’s Wife, Missionary

I have known Renetta for many years. She is capable, talented, and gifted in a plethora of ways. Renetta is very gifted musically. She is a great communicator, and an excellent teacher. She is a strong woman of faith, having raised five children as a single parent.

Submitted by Berean Baptist Church on 08/31/2018