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Renetta Nail

Christian Speaker
Front Porch
Roanoke Texas 76262

Rated 5/5 (3 Recommendations)
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Contact Information

Name Front Porch
Online Social Profiles
Roanoke, TX 76262
United States of America

Speaking Ministry Details

  • Salvation Date
  • 1976
  • Home Church
  • Milestone Church, Keller Texas
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  • Conferences, Keynotes, Retreats, Trainer, Workshops
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More About Renetta Nail

Renetta is a gifted speaker and singer whose passion is reaching the lost, helping the hurting find healing, and propelling women into the calling that God has on their lives. She uses real life stories, humor, and music to connect with the audience and brings scripture to life and practical application through an in-depth knowledge and insight of the Word. She is also a Certified Life Coach. 

Renetta has earned a Bachelor of Science in Occupational Education with a Specialization in Physical Education Studies through Wayland Baptist University. As a Christian School educator, she has taught 4th and 6th grade, as well as high school courses in Old Testament History, Contemporary Christian Literature Physical Education and Health. As a single woman, Renetta adopted and raised five children that now range in age from 21 - 30 and she has seven beautiful grandchildren. 

Having served in several churches as Worship Leader, Women's Teacher, Youth Leader and Educational Administrator, Renetta has a passionate perspective of where the church is in scripture today. Renetta has experienced incredibly deep 'church hurt' as well. She speaks honestly and openly about this journey, and is writing what will be an invaluable tool in ministering to those who have experienced church trauma. Renetta has also served in ministry in Global Bible Translation. 

Renetta is an engaging, knowledgeable and passionate Key Note Speaker, Women's Retreat Speaker, and Workshop Leader.  Through her teaching, writing, speaking and mentoring, Renetta has impacted the lives of many women, children and teens with the Gospel of Christ and the Grace and Love of God.

Renetta Nail Recommendations

Submitted by First Baptist Church, Argyle on Monday, Feb 25, 2019

Delores Greene, Women's Ministry Leader

Renetta spoke at our Women's Retreat and was wonderful; she was fun (& funny) when needed but also shared Biblical truths in a Spirit-filled testimony. She provided time for interaction between the women with guidance from the Holy Spirit that enabled everyone to be touched and filled with the goodness of God. I highly recommend her as a speaker and woman of God--you can't go wrong if you invite her to speak!

  • On Topic

  • Biblical

  • Engaging

  • Memorable

  • Authentic

  • Recommended

Submitted by Piedra Vista High School on Tuesday, Dec 04, 2018

Cheryl Ballew

Renetta Nail is tons of fun, but at the same time, when it's time to get down to business with God, she leads her listeners into the presence of the Almighty and shows them the deep truths of God's heart. Renetta has experienced heartaches common to humankind and knows the path through them to the calm and light on the other side of them. She is personable, honest, hilarious, transparent, and deeply His.

  • On Topic

  • Biblical

  • Engaging

  • Memorable

  • Authentic

  • Recommended

Submitted by Berean Baptist Church on Friday, Aug 31, 2018

Sandie Powell, Pastor’s Wife, Missionary

I have known Renetta for many years. She is capable, talented, and gifted in a plethora of ways. Renetta is very gifted musically. She is a great communicator, and an excellent teacher. She is a strong woman of faith, having raised five children as a single parent.

  • On Topic

  • Biblical

  • Engaging

  • Authentic

  • Recommended

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Renetta Nail Speaking Topics

Faith in the Fire

We are facing unprecedented times in our world. Health crisis worldwide. What does the world say? What does the Bible say? How should we respond to what is going on around us? ...

Posted by Renetta Nail on 04/05/2020

Change Management

For your business, church, women's group, or family, change can be difficult. What is God saying about how to get through it alive? A fun, yet deep dive into managing the changes...

Topics developed around your event!!

If you have an event theme, I will seek God's Word and what He has to say for your event. If you don't, I will sit with you and your team and work to develop a theme. ...

What Do You Bring To The Table?

Have you ever been invited to a dinner at someone's house? Maybe a potluck at work or church? You start thinking about what to bring. There is always someone who brings the same...


As an adoptive parent of five, having lived to tell the story.... There are steps to take, pot holes to avoid, and tickets to pay along the way. The journey of adoption is a rewarding...

Church Survivor

Some of the deepest hurt I have ever felt as a Christian has come from church members and church leaders. Through this process of hurting and healing, God, in His indescribable love...

Stand Still

Have you ever been surrounded by the circling, roaring lions? Standing and planting our feet requires resolve, engagement, and intentional motion. It requires a decision. It goes...

Growing in Grace

II Peter tells us that Jesus is coming back! We are in the last days, and he tells us to Grow in Grace when you see this unfolding. God is specific and intentional when He tells us...

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