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Tina Joy Cochran Recommendations

Submitted by Networking Specialist on 10/30/2015

Cathy Weaver, Networking Specialist

On Topic

Having enlisted Tina Joy Cochran to speak to several of my Networking organizations, I have experienced true passion at its finest. To be able to captivate an audience with examples of real life issues and hold their attention throughout is a gift. The JOY exuded when Tina shares how CARING about another human being has transformed not only that life but HERS, creates a memory each of us can take away. When have you been able to use Brave, Purposeful, Compassionate, Driven, Integrous, and FUN as words to describe your last speaker ???

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Dorothy Sullivan

Tina set up and designed our sales presentations. She carefully taught us how to connect with our audience and how to listen to the needs of our clients

Submitted by Impact Learning Solutions on 10/30/2015