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Lauren Gaskill Recommendations

Submitted by CountingMyBlessings.com on Sunday, Jun 17, 2018

Deb Wolf

On Topic

I love Lauren! She is enthusiastic and authentic and she shares her love for Jesus. His love changes lives and Lauren loves to tell her audience about the ways a relationship with God through Jesus changes everything!

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Gretchen Fleming

I have heard Lauren speak twice and I can say that God has gifted this young woman mightily to proclaim faith and joy in Jesus! She explains the Gospel clearly and conveys the hope we have in Christ passionately. On both occasions, the audience was very moved by her testimony. The Spirit is at work in this speaker’s calling so I can highly recommend her!

Submitted by Gretchenfleming.com on Saturday, Nov 23, 2019

Jen Howat, pastor

Lauren speaks into the hard places of life with love and grace. She encourages women to choose joy and live in the victory of Christ, even while in the midst of difficult circumstances. As she shares the word of God and her own life story, she helps you to see God is present and working in yours too.

Submitted by Women In Ministry United on Friday, Nov 22, 2019

Jennifer Attebery

Lauren is a wonderful, spirit filled and lead speaker seeking to bring JOY to women all over the world! Her own Joy for the Lord and how He moves is evident when she speaks!

Submitted by Results Fitness & Nutrition Center, Llc on Thursday, Nov 21, 2019

Debbie Brown (chuech member)

Our ladies Spring Seminar in 2019 had the joy and honor to have Lauren Gaskill come and share with the women from our church and community. Her love for God and her passion to share His Word, is evident to all listening. She speaks with conviction and shares from her personal journey of challenges and struggles that always pointed her to Victories found only in Him!
Lauren's warm heart and infectious smile will sure to be a blessing to all she meets!

Submitted by Xrc Church on Thursday, Nov 21, 2019