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Dawn Kaiser

Christian Speaker
Christian Woman Speaker at Dawn Kaiser- Joy Refueler
Portland Oregon

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You were made to flourish!

You were made to flourish!

Contact Information

Name Dawn Kaiser- Joy Refueler
Position Christian Woman Speaker
Portland, OR

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More About Dawn Kaiser

Dawn Kaiser is a Joy Refueler who specializes in energizing, encouraging and equipping individuals to step out of their comfort zone and into the faith zone to create a life and a business they love. For many years she tipped toed into exploring this calling of being an entrepreneur, speaker, writer and coach, but it wasn’t until a complete stranger told her that God said it was “her time to shine” did she find the courage to take a leap of faith and go all in and she has never looked back. Dawn has her ME, PHR, ACS, ALS and a whole host of alphabet soup letters all which boil down to mean that she has over a decade of experience in Human Resources, leadership, communication and education. Dawn has been involved in Children's Ministry for eight years as a Volunteer Director and most recently served as the Large Group Coach for her church's Kidventure team. She has also regularly fills in as a worship leader for various churches in Minnesota since 2008.  She recently took a leap of faith to move from the Midwest to the Northwest and has been enjoying her time exploring and making new connections. 

Dawn believes that on the other side of a leap of faith is everything God ever desired for us including joy, abundance, peace, freedom and richness. She is on a mission to set the world on fire with joy and help others go beyond a life of fine to a life of flourishing! She loves serving heart-driven and faith-led entrepreneurs and individuals by empowering them to step into who God called and created them to be and make their wildest God-sized dreams a reality!