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Crystal McGowen

Christian Speaker
Portland Oregon 97225

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Christian Soul Care and Forgiveness

Christian Soul Care and Forgiveness

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Portland, OR 97225
United States of America

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More About Crystal McGowen

My name is Crystal and I'm a non-clinical Christian Counselor and Forgiveness Coach based in Portland, Oregon.

One of my most meaningful journeys over the years has been learning how to forgive.  Having grown up in the church, I knew that forgiveness was something Jesus called me to do, but when conflict struck my family I found myself confused, hurt, and overwhelmed.

What did it mean to ‘forgive from the heart?’ How do I know if I’ve forgiven? Do I really have to forget in order to forgive?

These are the questions that kept me up at night and led me into a deep and wild journey with God. After this forgiveness journey, I can tell you that I am a different person as a result.  I find myself more confident, more patient, more compassionate, and more likely to forgive quickly.  Because I found the journey both complicated and transforming, I began helping other women experience freedom through forgiveness as well. 

I have my MA in Human Services Counseling from Regent University, and my BA in Psychology from Baylor.  My husband and I were missionaries in Ethiopia for several years, but we've also lived in Scotland, Denver, and Houston. I have a background in mental health, but I've also worked in various local mission groups and non-profits around the country. 

I believe that culture is transformed by story, and I am passionate about helping women find healing for their soul-wounds, ushering in emotional and spiritual freedom so that they can make a Kingdom impact through their own testimonies.