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Connie Ruth Christiansen Recommendations

Submitted by Pioneer Pacific College on 10/30/2015

Jennifer Schilling, Academic Program Director

On Topic

"When Connie speaks before large groups she brings a warm one-on-one feeling. Before more than 1400 graduates and their family members, Connie encouraged everyone to believe in their hopes and dreams for a brighter future. Her delivery invoked thought with humor, and engaged the entire group throughout her presentation. I am inspired by her enthusiasm. She encourages me to reach for a purpose. I am reminded of what I am grateful for, and excited to reach for the desires God has placed in my heart. There is no challenge too big. There is no heartache too deep. And there is always something to laugh about. Connie is a fabulous speaker, that I am honored to recommend."

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Jim McIntosh, Night-Life Talk Show Host

"Open, vulnerable, honest, insightful, transparent, and life changing!"

Submitted by Kpdq on 03/18/2024

Larry Kennedy, Pastor

Connie's book, "The Voice of Love" gives insight to her approach to life, ministry, and to her relationship with God. "the personal stories are so transparent and honest that the reader is infused with hope and invited on their own journey towards intimacy with the Voice."

Submitted by New Wine Christian Fellowship on 11/03/2023

Anne Whitlock

Everyone LOVED you, Connie. And I mean EVERYONE! Thank you for donating your time, and your book to our library. I really enjoyed hearing “What we think is Plan B Really is Plan A.” I took so much from your speech, and I know all that attended did too! Thank you for reminding our community that LOVE connections are made every day and ALL around the world and that Faith is Always better than doubt. We truly do have SO many things to be thankful for, and you my dear are most definitely one of them!

Submitted by The Power Of The Pen on 01/02/2023