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Lisa Voorhies Recommendations

Submitted by Intelligent Therapy on 07/01/2021

Robin Burgess, President

On Topic

Lisa is one of the most dynamic and motivational people that I have ever known

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Pam Butler, Women’s Ministry

Lisa Voorhies came to speak for our church for a Women’s retreat and she was fabulous. She is a true woman of God and was able to reach every woman there with her willingness to do what God was leading her to do. She is spunky and can make you laugh but yet able to bring you in the presence of God in her worship and testimony. You will not regret having her to speak because she will leave you blessed and feeling closer to God!

Submitted by Grace Church Of The Nazarene on 07/24/2019

Barry Voorhies, Pastor

"As Lisa Voorhie's Pastor, I am glad to say that I have never known anyone with a greater gift or heart for communication of God's principles and precepts from the Word. I don't mind saying that I personally have learned a lot from her natural and effortless communication in front of large crowds. At times, I am amazed.
As her husband, I can also tell you that I have never known anyone who wants to please God more than my wife. She is not only the Proverbs 31 woman, she is also the Eph. 5:21-24 woman.
She is genuinely the kindest and most giving person I have ever known. Yes, I am definitely partial as her husband, but I don't know of anyone who knows her, who wouldn't say the same thing. Her children love her and we have a wonderful home, partially because of who Lisa truly is......

Submitted by Life House Fellowship Church on 11/01/2015

Beth Sebaugh, Full time Missionary

Lisa Voorhies is an amazing woman of God. I highly recommend her as a woman who is gifted and anointed by the Holy Spirit to speak out the truth of God's Word. Lisa has been obedient to the Lord a number of times in regards to speaking to me. She has been used by the Holy Spirit to speak the right word at the right time in my life. What an incredible blessing and encouragement she is and has been to me! I so appreciate her openness to listening to God and doing what He asks of her at that particular time. The Scriptures, words and encouragement that Lisa has spoken to me in the last few months have just been amazingly right on target with confirming what God is saying to me. Lisa has a very sweet spirit about her that comes from her love of Jesus. When you see her or talk to her you know she has been with Jesus and He exudes from her countenance and voice. Just watching Lisa's life and the life of her family shows the fruit of a woman who walks closely with Jesus........

Submitted by Youth With A Mission on 11/01/2015

Robin Burgess, President

"I am writing this letter to introduce to your organization one of most amazing women I’ve ever known . Lisa Voorhies is uniquely gifted for ministry, particularly in Women’s Ministry. I hope that my letter will be able to give a true picture of who she is and what she has done for me, as well as thousands of others that know and love her.
Lisa has a passion and love in the Lord that is a true living testimony and example for our church body and all who know her. She lives each day with optimism, truth, and the desire to accomplish all that she can to help others. She believes in serving others by helping them to know the Lord personally and passionately. She lives her life striving to fulfill both the Great Commandment and Great Commission.
I have known Lisa for over 11 years as my friend, my pastor’s wife, my son’s best friend’s mom, a mentor and encourager, and as a leader and teacher of many bible studies........

Submitted by Intelligent Therapy on 11/01/2015