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Marta is an excellent speaker and teacher of the word. She is well studied and versed in God's word and has a passion to speak the truth and shed light wherever she goes. You will be blessed by the depth of the word and its application to everyday life. I highly recommend her study 'Bound to be Free' as a personal growth tool or mentoring tool.

Submitted by Infinite Love, Mercy And Grace Ministry on Thursday, Apr 11, 2019

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Dianne Ellis

Marta's gift of teaching is evident the moment she begins to speak. She knows the Word better than most. Led by the Holy Spirit, her presentations are thoughtful, organized and applicable. Marta's Bible studies are timely, accurate, useful and powerful. She speaks to the heart, but for thinking people, Marta speaks to the intellect. Time with Marta is time well spent. You will not be disappointed when you invest your time with her Words of Grace and Truth.

Submitted by Abc Services on Tuesday, Jun 25, 2019