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Lorraine Serra Recommendations

Submitted by Oil City/Tri-city Christian Women's Club, Stonecroft Ministries on 07/26/2019

Barbara Stehle, Past Chairwoman, Present Special Feature Coordinator

On Topic

Lorraine Serra has spoken for our group (approx 100 attendees) several times in the past few years. We find Lorraine to be prepared, always on time and an excellent personality. She sticks to her subject, adding humor and musical entertainment. Lorraine did not seem to use her notes and we had glowing reviews from our attendees regarding her talk. If you need further info, please let me know.

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Tommie Young Director

Just had Lorraine at our Women's Conference. Her talk was very interesting and uplifting. Lorraine has a sweet spirit and shines Jesus. We really enjoyed her guitar playing and singing style too. If you want someone who offers more than just a talk, it's her.

Submitted by Women's Power Surge Ministry on 05/22/2018

Debra Thomas

Lorraine was the guest speaker at our annual Women’s “Heart Spa” and we absolutely loved her, the message she brought and her musical talent. Lorraine plays the guitar and has an amazing voice, which added so much to her presentation. She is spirit filled and it shines through with everything that she does, through her words to her smile, she is a woman of Faith!

Submitted by Grace Chapel Community Church on 02/18/2018

Judith "Cookie" White, Author, Women's Life Coach, and Founder of The Sounding Board Teaching Ministries

I have been involved in women's seminars and various women's events with Lorraine Serra. She is a talented and lovely sister-in-Christ that brings a message of hope and salvation through her music. When I first met Lorraine I prayed that God would lead us to do an event together, and God did grant that request.

A talented musician, Lorraine brings that component into her presentations as she shares the gospel with her audiences. May God continue to use her willing heart in her lovely ministry.


Cookie White

Submitted by The Sounding Board Teaching Ministries on 08/25/2016

Carol Ann Gleason

Lorraine gives a warm and spirited delivery with song. She has a professional delivery which includes audience participation. Her message touches hearts as she speaks from hers.

Submitted by Stonecroft Ministries on 08/23/2016

Conaley Visneski

Lorraine's testimony was very moving and she is so transparent to any unsaved audience which helps them relate to her beautifully. Her voice is amazing...I only wish we would have had her sing more! Wonderful experience having her stay in our home

Submitted by Area Representative - Stonecroft, Inc. on 08/17/2016