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Michael Tucker, President

"Diane is a gifted, talented woman who has demonstrated leadership and kindness in many situations. She has a positive spirit that is contagious and her commitment to Christ is evident for all to observe."

Submitted by 21st Century Ministries on Saturday, Oct 31, 2015

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Diane Markins Most Recent Recommendations

Emily Garzolini, Speaker Coordinator

Diane kicked-off the program year for our weekly moms’ group with a talk about Bold Faith & Intentional Contentment. Diane was authentic and vulnerable in her sharing of personal stories. Her message resonated with all of our mommas and helped us connect with one another as we had further table discussion after her presentation. I have since heard from many ladies that they were moved and inspired by her talk.

Submitted by Kate's Cup (north Ridge Community Church) on Thursday, Sep 20, 2018

Kathe Wunnenburg, Founder/Director

Diane Markins is a transparent truth-bearer who inspires and motivates others to trust God, persevere and never give up. Her passion for Christ, people, and her ability to apply God's word in real life situations will encourage any group. Diane is relevant, authentic, witty and practical. She is a gifted communicator who is able to connect with women and transfuse eternal hope!

Submitted by Hope Lifters Ministry on Monday, Feb 26, 2018

Shirley Barker

Diane spoke to our women at a leaders training on Communication. She not only shared the Biblical perspective on communication, but also shared her life experiences with us. She tailored her message to our women and our needs. Diane was the perfect speaker and blessed us immensely!!! I would invite her back any time.

Submitted by Tapestry Women's Ministry on Tuesday, Sep 05, 2017

Jennine Ulibarri

DIane Markins helped grandparents realize the important role they can have in their grandchildren's lives. She gave us many tools to put in our tool boxes to develop great relationships with not only our adult children but our grandchildren. She also helped us to realize the importance of taking care of ourselves. I walked away from the seminar feeling empowered and encouraged as a grandparent.

Submitted by La Casa De Cristo Lutheran Church on Thursday, Oct 20, 2016

Dawn Hopins, CEO & President

Diane Markins is a gifted speaker who I would highly recommend for just about any topic or group. She is funny, insightful, inspiring, informative, and thought-provoking. Diane is one of the most authentic and transparent speakers I've seen and she engages her audience and really draws them into the topic. Every time I have seen her speak, I have gone away feeling inspired and uplifted. I wish I could put her on "replay" because there were so many nuggets I would want to revisit! She speaks the truth in love with passion and purpose. I can't say enough good things about her! If you hire Diane to speak or are blessed enough to be in her audience, you will not be disappointed!

Submitted by The Living Well Centers, Llc on Wednesday, Oct 19, 2016

Ben Taylor, Lead Pastor

Diane Markins was a guest speaker for Mothers Day at Discovery Community Church. She was prepared, full of grace, heart warming, and very eloquent in her delivery. She connected as a speaker with her audience, she was engaging, and very inspirational. I highly recommend Diane Markins for church services, woman's audiences/ groups and business meetings as a highly gifted speaker.

Submitted by Discovery Community Church on Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Noelle Stanley Owner

Diane has been the perfect match for the audiences i have hired her for. She has an innate gift of knowing her audiences and understanding how to communicate information to them through, words, power point, verses, emotions, sounds and body language. She inspires change and her audiences feel cared for and understood. I would recommend Diane to all of my top clients.

Submitted by My Body Balanced on Thursday, Dec 10, 2015

Rita Puckett, Women's Ministry Leader

"Diane Markins speaks to our spiritual inner needs with poise and humor. The depth of her own story resonates within each of us in a way that God uses to celebrate His victory over the assaults we commonly face living in a fallen world. Her wise counsel is both authentic and compassionate, relational and meaningful."

Submitted by Mountain Park Community Church on Saturday, Oct 31, 2015

Adam Colwell

Her no-holds-barred approach to the challenges facing our nation today makes her a voice God is mightily using.

Submitted by Presidential Prayer Team on Saturday, Oct 31, 2015