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Andrea Mercier Recommendations

Submitted by Evangelical Covenant Church, Serve Globally on 01/07/2018

Stephanie Voland, Christian Missionary

On Topic

I've had the privilege of hearing Andrea speak at a women's retreat at my church. She is a passionate and engaging speaker, who presents God's Word in a fresh and vibrant way. She has a prophetic gifting, and helps her listeners imagine their lives from a holy perspective. She speaks the truth in love, is a captivating storyteller, and shares honestly from her own experiences.

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Bonnie Bodiford

Andrea spoke at our annual Women of Worship night. She shared from scripture truth and application. She was professional, personal, and relatable to so many trials and issues women wrestle with. I could listen to her teach daily.

Submitted by Fbcmascoutah on 02/11/2020


WCJ had asked Andrea to speak at our Conference back in Oct 2018. She did a wonderful job would definitely ask her to come back another time down the road.

Submitted by Women Connecting To Jesus on 06/20/2019

Kirsten Pratt, Treasurer

Andrea is a dynamic speaker who speaks honestly and biblically. Her presentations are engaging, insightful, and always point the audience to Jesus. She has a special gift for reaching women. Her Bible-based teaching is authentic, and she encourages her audience with humor and heart.

Submitted by 1st Baptist Church on 06/03/2019

Brittni Klundt

Andrea did a great job communicating her points in an entertaining way that kept everyone’s attention. She articulated well, related well with her audience, and had a deep understanding of the content she was speaking on.

Submitted by Bethel Baptist Church on 03/21/2019

Leah Jungels, Cornerstone Ministries Women's Ministry Leader

Andrea spoke at our church's first Women's Conference and she was absolutely amazing! Not only did she have a clear love and passion for serving our Lord, but she was eager to share His Word and grow our faith in Him. She tied in her personal experiences as a wife, mother, and Christian along with Biblical teachings and was able to connect personally with many of the women in the room. Some of the feedback we got back from the women who attended the conference said: -Andrea did an amazing job and I feel really touched us all and brought us closer as women. -Andrea's topic was excellent! -The morning speaker was wonderful! -The highlight of the conference was the speaker, Andrea. She was amazing!

Submitted by Cornerstone Ministries on 11/15/2018

Dr Karen Walker Freeburg, Professor

Andrea has a tremendously winsome relationship with our Lord, Jesus. As a young mother and minister who has had significant trials, she inspires you with her energy, laughter, joy and authentic faith. Andrea is a great communicator. You find yourself laughing, crying and filled with hope! She is an excellent speaker and retreat leader.

Submitted by Northern Seminary on 01/06/2018

Pam Truman

Andrea is an excellent Christian speaker. She refers to Bible verses that relate to her personal joys and sorrows. She is easy to listen to ...an awesome speaker!

Submitted by Aledo Umc on 01/06/2018

Leslie Gregory Diaconate Board

She is a fabulous speaker. Very light hearted, funny, knowledgeable and really expresses her love for the Lord. After hearing her speak, I immediately booked her to come to my church. Great lady, great speaker, loving personality and above all a great asset for the Lord.

Submitted by First Baptist on 01/06/2018