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Lisa Radcliff Recommendations

Submitted by Covenant Presbyterian Church, Women's Ministry Team Member on 10/13/2021

Mrs. Amy Sharadin

On Topic

Lisa is a delightful woman of God. She is articulate, studied and personable. She knows the depth and seriousness of her subject, yet shares it methodically and clearly in a personable manner. She offers real solutions to real problems by simply and effectively applying God's truth to her topic. I've seen Lisa put a room full of folks at ease by making them feel welcomed into the "conversation" she is conducting from up front. Lisa is unpretentious and full of joy and love for communicating the Gospel. A top notch speaker with a relevant message for youth, women and men.

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Rev. Dr. Drake Williams

Lisa did a wonderful job communicating her testimony at our seminar entitled "Living a Life beyond Abuse." I would recommend her highly.

Submitted by Central Schwenkfelder Church on 11/15/2021

Kendra Kohl, Pastor’s wife

I have had the privilege of knowing Lisa and sitting under her teaching for many years. She has a gift for speaking the truth from God’s Word in a direct, compassionate, and engaging way. Her life experience has taught her to rely on God and his promises which is evident in her life and in her teaching. I would heartily recommend Lisa as a speaker for any subject but especially for woman dealing with abuse. Her recent book “ Hidden with Christ” has helped many women begin healing and her teaching on this topic is excellent.

Submitted by Grace Bible Fellowship Church on 08/06/2019

Lucy Kahle, Child of the King of Kings

Lisa Radcliff exudes joy and good humor, weaving the truths of Scripture into the trials and hardships she has faced in life. As you can see from her blog, every circumstance leads her to Christ and the amazing Gospel His love offers to us. Lisa has been an inspiration to me and my husband who are in a trial now with his stage 4 Kidney Cancer. Lisa's most recent blog brought us both to tears and then to our knees in gratitude for the reminder that our suffering is miniscule compared to what Jesus suffered for us. Is Lisa memorable? Oh yes! I quote her often and pray that her message can reach multitudes for the glory of God!

Submitted by Grace Bible Fellowship Church, Quakertown, Pa on 07/21/2019

Jane krupp

Central Schwenkfelder Church on March 23rd had the pleasure of hearing Lisa share her story. She shared how she servived being a child of sexual assult. Lisa told our group how she found healing through reading the scriptures. She answered our questions and shared how having a strong marriage helped her to trust men again. I would highly recommend Lisa for a speaker.

Submitted by Board Of Christian Education on 07/17/2019

Terri Bohrer

Lisa tackles any subject in an engaging way with an excellent Biblical worldview. She mixes sensitive material with humor in appropriate ways. Her real life experiences give her the credibility and authenticity an audience can relate to.

Submitted by Grace Bible Fellowship Church on 07/17/2019