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Susan Panzica Recommendations

Submitted by MOPS - Wyckoff Assembly Of God on 10/31/2015

Ashley Noschese, Coordinator

On Topic

I have had the amazing pleasure of hearing Susan speak on numerous occasions in a variety of different settings. She spoke a few times at a moms group that I led. We heard from a variety of speakers twice a month for 6-7 years. What Susan shared stands out in my mind and in my heart. She spoke about prioritizing in our daily life, and how putting God first is the only way we will fit everything else into our day. She used a great visual example with rocks, pebbles and sand fitting into a jar and this has stuck with me over the years. On another occasion, she shared a wonderful Christmas message that motivated all of us to re-examine the story of Jesus’ birth from a new perspective. I also attend a Bible Study that Susan leads. Her weekly insight into Gods Word, and the way she conveys what she has learned is always inspiring and insightful......

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Kimberly Tucker, Operational Director

Susan did an amazing job for our annual ladies Christmas retreat. Most of our attendees have been long time Christians, and everyone walked away with a fresh perspective about the Christmas story. She was engaging and relaxed with all the ladies. She was well prepared with her lessons and materials. I have had nothing but positive reviews from my guests and I would certainly book her again!

Submitted by Ocean Side Retreat, World For Christ on 12/08/2023

Joyce Hayes, Women’s Event Hostess

Susan was powerful and Personal. Her presentation was perfect for our wide variety of ladies and she was sensitive to the needs of our attendees. She made herself available to our guests for further discussion. Susan gave practical application that challenged each of us in attendance. I would recommend her.

Submitted by America’s Keswick on 10/19/2022

Janise Rizzo, Executive Associate Pastor, Women's Pastor

When you sit and listen to Susan Panzica, you are led to many places within your heart. You are not only grateful for the depth of information she supplies, but also blessed by her ability to speak directly to you on a deep and personal level. Do not miss the opportunity to hear her speak!

Submitted by Maranatha Church Of Nazarene on 03/11/2022

Sheryl Graba- Womens Retreat Coordinator

We invited Susan to be our speaker for our weekend ladies retreat! Fabulous weekend! Susan was authentic, brought fresh and new perspective on familiar bible verses. She included excellent illustrations, was transparent, and had pertinent and revelant resource materials available to all. Definitely a Spirit Led weekend. Would recommend having Susan at your next event!!

Submitted by Breakpoint Community Church on 09/16/2019

Lydia Gorter, Women's Ministries Coordinator

I have heard Susan speak on several occasions and have been deeply blessed and challenged each time. Susan's insightful talks are firmly rooted in God's Word and filled with practical applications. Her style is warm, engaging, and personal, thus fostering a genuine connection with her audience. Recently, as I mingled with women from our church after she had spoken to us, I observed that they were sharing things from their hearts in a way that I had rarely seen at previous events. Her passion and openness are contagious! I would highly recommend Susan as a speaker!

Submitted by Midland Park Christian Reformed Church on 03/06/2018

Sue Vander Ploeg

"Susan’s warm and engaging personality had me from her first word. Presenting a topic that could be have been so “uncomfortable” to deal with, she conveyed to the audience of women of all ages that human trafficking is truly in our backyard, and there are small and big ways everyone can make a difference. Her personal stories demonstrate practical (and memorable) ways to honor God by responding to this challenge. Her heart for others is truly contagious and inspirational."

Submitted by Hch Foundation Associate, Special Event Coordinator on 05/25/2016

Steven Creange, Senior Pastor

Susan has the ability to convey her subject matter in a personal and engaging way. She speaks both from the head and the heart, able to expound on the vast knowledge of the topic while giving practical application and personal anecdotes. Susan is a good story teller and is able to give wonderful examples and illustrations that help the listener remember the things she is talking about. She can speak on a variety of topics and has a wide range of interests about which she can talk. I have heard Susan speak on many occasions and have heard from those who have attended her speaking engagements and classes that she has taught. The feedback is always positive and people always feel they have learned something important to take away with them.......

Submitted by High Mountain Church on 02/08/2016

Therese Martino, Women's Ministry Leader

"With great enthusiasm and honor, I whole-heartedly recommend Susan Panzica, as a speaker for your ministry to women.
Last year Susan spoke at our annual women’s retreat. Her words and message were powerful, and we experienced a speaker who could seize the attention of and maintain the interest of our women’s group. Her story was real and she presented it from the heart as she allowed her listeners to see inside the life of a changed women who has experienced God’s abundant grace. Susan shared her true life experience with a great sense of humor and a gentle, loving spirit. During the teaching we laughed and cried as we were instructed and encouraged in the Lord from the text, Isaiah 43. Susan’s ability to convey information in such a straightforward and understandable way was most impressive. As a leader of Women's Ministry in my church, I have had the opportunity to hear many speakers over the past 30 years.......

Submitted by Calvary Chapel North Jersey on 10/31/2015