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Lisa Spivey Recommendations

Submitted by Calvary Chapel Oceanside on 10/13/2021

Carol Lonn, Bible Study Co-Facilitator

On Topic

What a Blessing Lisa is! The first thing you notice about Lisa is her Love of Jesus! Her laugh. Her excitement in being a woman of God enables anyone to quickly be at ease with her. She is animated one minute..and becomes soft and tender the next..Relatable..Transparent..She easily enters into your heart. Lisa has the ability to share how God’s Perfect Love provides the most beautiful purposeful path in our lives..when we give our brokenness to Him.

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Lisa Pacheco/Director of Student Services

Lisa is one of those speakers that draw you in from the first word. With her gentle and humble spirit, she shares her passion for God's Word and His women taking them into a deeper relationship. Her past experiences reflect a faith that reaches out expecting God's best. With each challenge, I found myself to cling to the principles she shared with the same god-fearing faith. I highly recommend Lisa for any workshop, conference, or event you may have. You will not be disappointed.

Submitted by Southern California Seminary on 06/30/2020

Nickole Perry

Lisa is always full of wisdom and energy! She is fun and enjoyable. She'd bless any setting from a small group to a huge women's conference.

Submitted by Little House Of The Perry's on 06/27/2020

Rachel Bruce- Retreat Lead

"Every deliverance needs a Deliverer", which is taken from Lisa's teaching at our annual Women's Retreat, has become a life-giving word to me. Without a doubt, Lisa's teaching on a Prepared Pilgrimage was spot on and was fueled with a personal deep rooted love for Jesus, a truth-filled and Biblical message, and a transparency with humility and sincerity that inspired hope among the ladies present. I am confident that women would be strengthened in their faith in Christ, with Lisa teaching, as she solely desires that God alone be glorified.

Submitted by Calvary Chapel Oceanside on 11/03/2019

Brenda Jason

Lisa spoke at our 2019 Women's Retreat and "knocked it out of the ballpark" in delivering a timely, relatable message on what it means to be a woman of great faith. Weaving her own testimony into the teaching, she kept us engaged while landing again and again on biblical truth. Her passion for God's Word and women is evident in her teaching, her prayers and her conversation with you. We highly recommend you book Lisa for your next event! You won't be disappointed!

Submitted by Calvary Chapel Oceanside on 10/24/2019