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Arlene Liner Recommendations

Submitted by His House For Her, Inc. on 10/28/2021

Renee Arnett

On Topic

Arlene’s love and passion for God and his Word are evident in her speaking and teaching. Her presentations evoke peace, comfort, and healing.

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Linda Dolder

I highly recommend Arlene Liner as a Powerful Christian Woman speaker, she Loves to share the unconditional Love of Jesus Christ. She is Very compassionate about teaching the word of God. Arlene speaks with Godly wisdom and with Grace and Truth. Arlene is passionate about teaching the healing that we have already received from Jesus Chist when he died on the cross for us, and a very powerful prayer warrior. I am Blessed to have been under her teaching for 3 years.

Submitted by Arlene Liner Teaching Ministry on 12/15/2022

Dottie Rathel, Business Owner

Arlene Liner is a proven leader in business and ministry. She invests her time, energy and resources to show herself approved and prepared using the Scripture as her textbook. Her gentle approach to teaching a solid word engages men and women in all stages of life and spiritual development.

Submitted by Salon & Spa on 09/02/2022

David Liner Husband

Arlene has a unique communication skill. Teaching what each Christian has then and how to
apply the Word in every day life. Anyone not knowing the connection between your Heart, Soul and Body should hear her message.

Submitted by Arlene Liner Teaching Ministry on 10/28/2021