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Keneitra Brown

Christian Speaker
New Orleans Louisiana 70124

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I am Under Renovation!

I am Under Renovation!

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New Orleans, LA 70124
United States of America

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More About Keneitra Brown

Keneitra Brown is an integrative health care provider that aims to educate and empower patients to take control of their health. She is also a life renovation coach that uses her 15 years of health care experience and knowledge, as well as her own experiences and life lessons to guide, motivate, and empower women to find and love their true authentic selves, improve their physical, emotional, and spiritual health, walk in their purpose and be the best version of themselves. 

She created the #IamUnderRenovation movement to help women address their emotional, spiritual, physical/medical, relationship, education, career, and financial issues. She believes that before you move forward, you have to start with renovating yourself. Her Under Renovation model guides women in the process of self-love, removing self-hate and doubt, healing from past hurt, eliminating toxic relationships, and gaining the confidence and strength to attain their goals and foster healthy relationships.

Keneitra believes there is a root cause for every health, emotional, or physical issue. She understands that our behaviors and habits are a reflection of our upbringing, experiences, and circumstances, but believes that if we understand the cause and consequences of our actions, we can make better choices. It is with this mindset that she has helped countless men and women improve their health and emotional wellbeing.

A teacher at heart, Keneitra enjoys educating and providing encouragement in both health and life matters. This natural passion illuminates from her, allowing her to touch the lives of those who have experienced her in action, sparking the drive for them to conquer their fears and reach their goals. Her own story of failures, successes, and more failures, but never failing to get up again is one of tremendous fortitude. She is open about her mistakes and her bad choices and honest about her fears and emotions. Her transparency has been her secret weapon to helping others, as she regularly posts her own lessons on social media with the hashtag #lessonlearnedlessonshared. In these posts, she usually speaks of a personal issue and closes it with the lesson she learned and how we can all apply it to our lives. In fact, it was the constant messages she received about those posts that encouraged her to continue being transparent, despite her family urging her to be more private.

Keneitra's medical training, experience in several different medical settings, and her own life experiences have provided her with everything needed to empower women at any stage of life. And let's not forget her research in public health, as she is completing her dissertation and will soon earn her Ph.D. The future Dr. Keneitra Brown is set to walk in her purpose helping others to live their best life.