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Catch a Vision

Christian Speaker
Ally Vigna & Suzie Borrows
New Bedford Massachusetts 02745

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Catch a Vision for your Life

Catch a Vision for your Life

Contact Information

Name Ally Vigna & Suzie Borrows
New Bedford, MA 02745
United States of America

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Salvation Date
Home Church
Mishkhan David Messanic Synagogue
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More About Catch a Vision

My name is Ally Vigna and my only real recollection of my childhood was a letter telling God “I wanted to help his people”. Well here it is 40 years later with a past of drug use and wild living, a broken marriage, and a remarriage to Anthony, my knight in shining armor. We now have 5 children between us! God is not putting me into retirement “Not Yet.” Since 2005 I have been on a journey. My now husband and I talked about divorce our marriage was in shambles but in that year of awakening we decided to give all to Jesus and with that said we renewed our vows and went on a second honeymoon to New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina in 2005. What we saw was destruction on all sides and the Spirit spoke to us and said this was your marriage but I will help you rebuild your marriage and you will help me rebuild my cities, towns and help rebuild lives. Thank God for catching a vision that I am seeing unfolding everyday. Be well and be blessed to all who read this amazing life of a mother who refused to give up on Jesus her Savior and Lord.

My name is Suzie Borrows my husband was Daryle Borrows. May 7, 2012 he was diagnosed with Ana Plastic Astro Cytoma (brain cancer) and on May 6, 2013 he went home to be with the Lord he was 53. It is sometimes hard to describe all the emotions that passed through me during the darkest hour of my life but what I do know is that God did not want me to stay there and he does not want that for you in whatever dark hour you find yourself in. The Lord has spoken many times that He will not leave me or forsake me and that He will be my husband. He gave me HOPE and many times has let me know that I am not alone! I have come to realize that whatever situations we find ourselves in, God is ever present and more than willing to meet us and help us. I praise God for all that He is doing in my life any I pray that my testimony will be of great comfort to all who hear it.