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Maggie Kavanaugh Recommendations

Submitted by AnchorHouse Ministries, Inc. on 05/10/2022

Rachel Barrentine, Founder & President of AnchorHouse TV, Speaker, Author, Songwriter

On Topic

Experiencing Maggie was a delight and joy. Her words are transformative, authentic, and full of the Holy Spirit. Her delivery is powerful and engaging. I appreciated the way Maggie shared her story, anchored it to God's Word, and challenged us to apply it practically. But what was so amazing is how she shared her difficult testimony without making it all about her. It was all leveraged to propel her listeners closer to Jesus. Wow. Maggie was personable and friendly on and off the stage. She's a rare gem. I would recommend her without reservation to anyone looking for a speaker. Don't think twice. Book her!

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Robin Eubanks

Maggie Love’s the Lord! Her energy and enthusiasm captures you right from the start and keeps you engaged the entire time she is speaking. She is real and opens herself up to be vulnerable to help free anyone that needs freedom in the area she is speaking on.

Submitted by Community on 05/17/2022

Venus Monique | Actor and CEO of Personal Powerhouse

Maggie Kavanaugh is amaaazing at connecting with and knowing her audience! She does her research and shows up prepared; I've seen that time and time again whether she's the host doing the speaking or the guest being interviewed.

Everything Maggie does and says has a Christ filter on it, and I'm so grateful I've gotten to connect with her on multiple occasions. She's a speaker you can absolutely trust to show up from start to finish.

Submitted by Personal Powerhouse on 05/07/2022

Sue Z McGray

Maggie Kavanaugh is an outstanding leader. She's insightful, enthusiastic, knowledgeable, caring, dependable and loves the Lord. Maggie is always learning and is willing to share with others her expertise. As the Regional Director with Christian Women in Media, I could always depend on Maggie to be a team player and I knew we'd have a great event when Maggie was in attendance. She lights up a room, when she walks in.

Submitted by Sue Mcgray Ministries on 05/07/2022

Margaret Parker

Maggie is so amazing! She has a heart for seeing women whole and walking in purpose. She is a little fireball of energy and passion for Jesus. I love the excitement that she brings into the atmosphere. I respect the fact that she is open and honest and transparent about life...the dirty of it, the beautiful of it...and God's redeeming and restorative power in the midst of it all.

Submitted by Simply Chosen on 05/06/2022

Candy Carter

Maggie is a ball of energy, on fire for the Lord, and full of Truth! She is one of the most encouraging Christian speakers and I love her heart for seeing those in identity crisis set free! Maggie understands Biblical grace and how to help others build on their relationship with the Father. She is not only an excellent teacher but also contains an incredible heart for youth. Too bad there's only toom for 5 stars because she deserves many more! All Glory to God for Maggie Kavanaugh!

Submitted by N/a on 05/06/2022

Taffiney Williams, CEO

Maggie is an amazing speaker full of energy and zeal for the Lord. She keeps the audience engaged and leaning in to hear more. She is very knowledgeable and articulates well.

Submitted by Journey To Impact Media Llc on 05/06/2022

Sarah Grace

Maggie is an exceptional speaker always full of both energy and wisdom which lend to her ability to inspire and motivate others. Her testimonials connect with the real life scenarios we all go through and her Biblical wisdom helps her audience to know where their help to find healing and empowerment can be found!

Submitted by Sarah Grace Tv on 05/06/2022

Patricia Douglas Pastor

Maggie Kavanaugh is a powerful speaker who is able to articulate her messages for all audiences in love. It will leave people with a sense of knowing they have partiokof a "life changing and defining " moment.

Submitted by World Covenant Church International on 11/04/2021

Robin pastors wife

Maggie is a dynamic speaker. She speaks the truth in love and gives insightful nuggets that will stick with your spirit.
You will be blessed! Maggie is loved by all that know her.

Submitted by Church Of God on 10/31/2021

Danielle Davila

There is no one like Maggie. The first time I heard her speak I was hooked. She’s so captivating and real.

Submitted by Beanstalk Photography on 10/31/2021

Susan Carter

Maggie is full of energy and speaks so articulately. She is always interesting, insightful, revelatory, and impactful. I would have her speak or undergo go to hear her speak anytime it’s available to me!

Submitted by Father’s Heart International, Inc on 10/30/2021

Marsha Beuoy

Maggie is a passionate about ALL things of God. She is a dynamic speaker. One of the reasons that she is so passionate is that she is very caring and engaging. She bases her life on Biblical Principles

Submitted by Prayer Warrior Ministry Arab Umc on 10/28/2021

Ellen Brock

Maggie came prepared and ready to share truth with all the women no matter if they were in high school or in their 80’s. She reached all ages on the topic of friendship. Her message was informative with biblical foundation and truths. She allowed the Holy Spirit to intervene and not be bound to her notes. She was full of excitement and brought laughter. Maggie has a heart for the Lord and His children. She wants to make a difference in people’s lives by speaking truth and a
giving us tools that will enrich our lives by helping ourselves and others. When I think of Maggie I think of surrendered, humility, and honest.

Submitted by Simply Chosen Women’s Ministry on 10/28/2021

Michelle Lindsay

Maggie is dedicated to seeing those in the body of Christ walking in complete freedom body, soul and spirit. She continues to study and grow daily in her own walk to remain strong in the Lord, therefore, she is able to pour into the lives of her clients and the youth under her guidance. She is gifted with discernment and the wisdom to guide others out of bondage and oppression into deliverance and healing. Maggie delivers the Truth from Gods Word in a down to earth, real message that is easy to follow and understand. She is a dedicated loyal friend and leader and has a true heart of compassion and love for God and people.

Submitted by Moving Forward Ministries on 10/18/2021

Christy Sanford

Maggie is such a motivational encourager! When she speaks to a group, you still feel like she is having a conversation with you! Love how she speaks life in to people! Her voice and message is needed in today’s negative world!

Submitted by Greenhouse Ministries on 10/16/2021