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Cathy Messecar Recommendations

Submitted by WBCL Radio Network, Fort Wayne, IN on 10/31/2015

Lynne Ford, Christian Radio Talk Show Host/Producer

On Topic

"(I had a one hour live interview with Lynne about our Christmas book, and Lynne replayed the interview next year on the Friday after Thanksgiving to kick off the Christmas season.)Lynne wrote the following review of our book:

""The Word Quilters behind A Scrapbook of Christmas Firsts understand that we can't create Christmas. However, we can create space for Christ to share Himself with us as we celebrate His birth. The stories, recipes and various activities are invitations to experience the love, joy and wonder of the season with family, friends, strangers, and, most of all, Jesus. Don't wait for someone you love to put this book on their Christmas list. Give them a copy before Advent begins. And while you're at it, buy yourself a copy too!

Lynne Ford
Christian Radio Talk Show Host/Producer"

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Steve Yates, Senior Minister

I am delighted to recommend Cathy Messecar as a gifted resource person for speaking, teaching and inspiring others for service in the church and community. Cathy is not only a talented writer but she has a unique ability to illustrate how a Biblical principle can be put into action in our daily life with others. As a key member of our church she serves faithfully using her gifts to bless others with true grace, humility and contagious joy.

Submitted by Conroe Church Of Christ on 01/03/2022

Eva Quiroz, Women's Event Coordinator

We had Cathy Messecar speak at our annual Ladies Day, in Channelview, Texas. The Channelview church of Christ ladies were completely impressed and edified by such an awesome child of God. We felt honored to have the opportunity to experience her talents in presenting her lessons in such a way by using simple concepts as the visual aids she brought along with her allowing the ladies to have a hands on concept of her presentation …what a unique way to teach a room full of ladies. She has such an excellent ability to connect with the group she is speaking to in such a clear and interesting manner. We enjoyed that she shared her own life’s experiences to aid in presenting the lessons she brought to us on this day thus making it interesting to all those who were present. We highly recommend her as a speaker at any speaking engagement and we hope to have another opportunity to have her speak at future functions here at Channelview.....

Submitted by Channelview Church Of Christ on 02/11/2019

Nila Sherrill, Event Coordinator

"Cathy Messecar presents God’s Word in a practical, down-to-earth fashion. Ladies can identify with her thoughts and ideas as she relates Bible characters and events to their individual lives. She appeals to all age groups and focuses on where women are today. Her lessons are filled with scripture, easy to understand, and relevant in today’s world. Cathy is an attractive Christian lady who mixes well with the audience. She will be an asset to any ladies’ event.

Nila Sherrill, coordinator for Madison Church of Christ, Madison/Nashville, TN, April 11-12, 2008"

Submitted by Madison Church Of Christ, Nashville, Tn on 10/31/2015