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Teresa E. Nelson

Christian Speaker
Rise Up Redeemed!
Milaca Minnesota 56353

Rated 5/5 (4 Recommendations)
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There is nothing more satisfying and powerful than the sacred joy of Jesus dwelling within us.

There is nothing more satisfying and powerful than the sacred joy of Jesus dwelling within us.

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Name Rise Up Redeemed!
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Milaca, MN 56353
United States of America

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Tibbetts Brook Chapel
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More About Teresa E. Nelson

* A Passionate Mission

Flexible and fun, Teresa shares with audiences a variety of inspiring stories from Scripture and her own life, including adoption, nonprofit ministry, jail ministry, and cancer. Her greatest joy is seeing people come to the precious understanding that they were meant to be redeemed by God, live in His soul-healing grace and thrive in HIs eternal refuge of  love.  

* Ministry in Church and Community

Teresa is a pastor of a rural MN congregation, and she also ministers weekly in her county jail. 

* A Cancer Calling

She was given the opportunity to experience cancer, and a BRCA 1 gene mutation,  and traveled the challenging road of treatment and recovery.  For several years following, she led a Christian cancer support ministry, helping people on their cancer journey.

* An Author and Auctioneer

Whisper County is the title of her 2021 novel. A faith-based gripping novel of accusation, murder, fear and surrender, it keeps readers captivated until the end.

Teresa is also the author of Tender Mercies for Tough Moments: a 31 Day Journey into the Blessings of God .  This daily devotional steers readers into the love of God no matter their situation. 

For extra-curricular service, Teresa works as a licensed auctioneer, Teresa helps nonprofits and churches gain financial resources through live auctions.  That is just plain fun for her.  "Whatya' gonna' bid?"

* A Fun Family

Teresa and her husband, Steve, enjoy the wildlife on their farm, their four grown children, their spouses, and nine absolutely adorable grandchildren.  For refreshment, she believes there is nothing quite like drinking very good coffee, while engaging in great conversation with exceptional grand friends. She would love for you to be one of them! 

Teresa E. Nelson Recommendations

Submitted by ISD466 on Monday, Aug 14, 2023

Cheri Nord, Educator

Teresa is honest, yet fun! A brilliant story teller with valid and applicable helps to share. Could I please attend again?

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Submitted by Emmetsburg First United Methodist Church on Wednesday, Nov 02, 2022

Sarah Strohman

Teresa recently provided her speaking services at our women's conference. She did an excellent job with communicating throughout our planning and the days leading up to the event. She was very engaging and the women related well to her. She has a sweet presence about her but isn't afraid to get into the weeds to talk about the serious stuff. Highly recommend her!

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Submitted by Nursery Coordinator/ Church on Friday, Aug 05, 2022

Patty Berg

Teresa is a delightful speaker! She has a wonderful sense of humor and has a way of making you feel very comfortable. She will challenge you and always bring you to the word of God. Her love of the Savior is evident.

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Submitted by Presently Self Employed on Monday, Jul 01, 2019

Lora-jean M Jones

I have heard Teresa speak on multiple occasions in multiple settings. Each time she has been genuine, well prepared & informed, deep yet humorous when needed, very approachable, caring & always makes her presentations intriguing with much to ponder afterwards!

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Teresa E. Nelson Speaking Topics

When God Chooses You - A Conference Theme

A conference title with the following presentations:When Good Chooses You:  * He Redeems You  (Woman of with Flow of Blood, and the blood Jesus shed for our forgiving)* He...

My Mothers' Choices - A Pro-life Presentation

As an adopted child, Teresa shares the stories of two brave women, both of whom she calls "mother". In a strong appeal to support life, Teresa tenderly tells God's design...

Posted by Teresa E. Nelson on 04/12/2019


We try our own excuses on for a while, until they don't work.  Just like the woman at the well, we try to skirt around the main issue, until Jesus comes and reveals to us...

Up A Tree? - Fun and Helpful Personality Communication Analysis

sn't it wonderful that God has made us all so unique?  Through this "Up A Tree?" communication and personality exercise, the audience will learn which "tree...

Tender Mercies for Tough Moments

God's tender mercy is present even in the most difficult times of life.  With her book of the same title, author Teresa Nelson guides the listener to the Presence and Power...

Jail and Jesus!

"I'm so glad I got arrested.  I would have never gotten sober and set free out there."  These are the words of inmates whom God brings from the fog of addiction...

A Desperate Desire

In this presentation, we take an intensive look at the woman in Mark 5, and her desperate desire for Jesus.  It is a call to all women who have bleeding of any kind in their lives...

Are You My Mother?

There was a little adopted farm girl, named Teresa,  who did not know who her "real" mother and father were. In her quest for that information, God brought her to know...

The Gaze from God

As a Christian, people blow it and feel like their faith is a disaster. Just like Peter did.  This riveting story of Peter's denial, shame and reconciliation, with real-life...

Teresa E. Nelson Events

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Teresa E. Nelson Resources

Tender Mercies for Tough Moments: A 31 Day Journey into the Blessings of God

Tender Mercies for Tough Moments is a 31 day Blessing Book and Bible Study which tackles real-life challenges and emotions, offers Scriptural solutions, and provides gut-honest prayers.  This daily devotional for women (and men) looks beyond the natural and brings you directly to the supernatural God of love.  When you can’t bear your situation another minute, Tender Mercies for Tough Moments will guide you into the peaceful assurance of God’s protection, presence and power. Each spiritual daily inspiration can help calm the anxieties, heal the hurting places,...

Posted by Teresa E. Nelson on 03/05/2019