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Donna Amidon Recommendations

Submitted by Stonecroft Ministries on 10/22/2020

Karin Williams

On Topic

I have heard Donna speak and she was such an inspiration to me. She was very transparent and her story is very powerful. A lot of women could identify with her feeling of hopelessness concerning her job, her calling, and her marriage. She was very clear about what she learned from this experience in her testimony, and how she once again had hope.

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Penny Bogert Freedom Group Leader

Donna is a personable, energetic and relatable speaker. She particularly shines as a gifted Bible teacher. Her passion for God’s Word is inspiring and every time I hear her speak I gain new insights into the scriptures while also being challenged to know Jesus more deeply. I look forward to hearing her whenever I get the opportunity!

Submitted by The Chapel on 09/27/2021

Camie King, Event Planning Team

Donna has been a keynote speaker for two events that I have helped organize. Recommended by a friend, Donna has been nothing short of inspirational and spirit filled. She taught the women of our church at a winter getaway and was the speaker for a high school girl’s retreat. Able to speak to multiple age levels, Donna engages women with her stories, approachability, and love of Jesus. She is funny, creative, flexible, and real. Donna shares the love of Christ through strong Biblical teaching, relatable stories and humility. We have thoroughly enjoyed her wisdom, truth, and love and I look forward to working with her in the future. She’s a gem!

Submitted by The Root Rva on 08/24/2021

Genevieve Baca

Donna is a precious sister in the Lord. She is a powerful, anointed teacher who overflows with the Word and the love of God. She is a blessing to all who get to hear her teach! She combines humor, humility and real life stories to bring her truth forward. This makes her so easy to receive from and remember what she imparts! A gift to the body of Christ!

Submitted by Mt. Gilead Fgim on 08/09/2021

Julie Kuykendall, Chairman of Mt Vernon Baptist Church Annual Women's Christmas Event

Donna was the wonderful keynote speaker at our church's annual Women's Christmas Event in 2019. She shared her joy and passion for our Lord with over 700 women. Donna's heart-felt message on "Jesus: The Light of the World" inspired us all to turn our focus to the birth and life of Christ during the Christmas season. We were delighted to have her as our speaker and cannot say enough wonderful things about her!

Submitted by Mt Vernon Baptist Church on 10/19/2020

Kathy Cantrell, Member

I am delighted to recommend Donna Amidon, as a Christian Women's speaker. When Donna is going to be speaking at the Chapel, you can be sure that it will be a packed room. Not only is she a uniquely gifted speaker with a genuine passion for God's heart but she also has an extraordinary ability to capture her audience with nuggets of spiritual wisdom that are astonishing!! Donna Amidon is a gift to women who want to deepen their walk with God.

Submitted by The Chapel on 10/18/2020