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Cookie White Recommendations

Submitted by Disciples For Jesus on 05/14/2017

Kathy Haslop, friend and Sister in Christ

On Topic

I have known Cookie for approximately ten years. I have been blessed to participate in her Bible studies, and in her Sounding Board Ministry . Cookie is and engaging and compelling speaker she has a way of making you feel like she is speaking directly to you. You can see her love of Jesus, people and Bible teachings shine through her. Cookies books are informative and insightful as she guides you to a better understanding of yourself, the world around you and the role that Jesus has in every aspect of our lives. I am always more informed, challenged and blessed when I have had the opportunity to attend one of Cookie's events. I pray that would be your experience also.

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Holly Garancosky Senior Pastors Wife

We were blessed to have Cookie White as a speaker for our Ladies Weekend in October 2018. When the time came to look for a speaker for our Ladies Banqet in May 2019 i was approached by different women from our church to ask Cookie if she would be able to speak. Gratefully, she could and we were once again blessed by her. Our Church Moderator told me after hearing Cookie speak that he was so glad that i could find a Christian speaker of her caliber. Her message was thought-provoking, challenging, and an encouragement. Many women that heard Cookie speak at the banquet commented that she was the best speaker we have had. I, personally, appreciated her use of scripture and how she reached all ages of women.

Submitted by Abundant Life Baptist Church on 05/16/2019

Sharon Stewart

1- I really appreciated Cookie's use of scripture in every example.
2- She engaged the people in the room - people were listening to every word because her examples applied to them.
3- the powerpoint was helpful with both scripture and pictures
4- people took away examples of how they can use prayer in their life and how to make a prayer space.
5- Both Cookie and Diana Roth were a great team; they complimented each other and supported each others topics.
6- creating a prayer space is a great idea for people of all ages.

Submitted by Pastoral Associate Southminster Presbyterian Church on 05/22/2017