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Brenetia Adams-Robinson Recommendations

Submitted by Paine College, Albany, Georgia on 12/22/2015

Michael Hicks, Director, IT Services

On Topic

The results of Brenetia’s workshops speak volumes about her talent. She has established her consulting firm as a firm that renders data-based results. Her SWOT strategy and other analytical assessments were impressive to me and my team.”

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Apostle Beverly Smith, Ministry Director

Brenetia’s teaching style is superior. I have never seen anyone teach like she does. She makes everything so clear. The SWOT was an amazing way for the team to assess ourselves.

Submitted by Bjmi, Hamilton, Bermuda on 07/22/2021

Twanda Black- Public Affairs Director and Host/Producer

Dr. Brenetia is the epitome of grace and knowledge. Her delivery is smooth with honesty and a transparency that goes right to the heart of a matter. She is a delight to hear and truly a blessing in a workshop/training environment. I would recommend her for any group, her authenticity will shine through every time!

Submitted by Kiss 104.1 Fm Atlanta on 04/18/2017

Minister Ann Benton

Dr. Brenetia is a powerful, Holy Spirit, and anointed woman of God and teacher. I have attended several of her workshops and events and the insight and revelation God gives her is simply amazing. And her true, authentic heart for God and His people is evident in the compassionate way in which she shares . I highly recommend having Dr. Brenetia as your speaker for your upcoming event.

Submitted by Ann-maria Benton Ministry on 04/18/2017

Helenda Williams, Retired

I attended the women’s monthly fellowships. Ms. Adams-Robinson is gifted beyond words. She teaches and reaches deep down within where others fail to go. Her passion and commitment to help others is very evident in her teaching and interaction with the women that attend. It’s my prayer that God will use her to reach His and our most precious gifts – the children of this generation, those that have been hurt, abused, misguided, and rejected. She has the tools needed to help change their mindsets, decision making and behaviors. Her gift is like medicine, taken in the right dosage renders healing, wholeness, joy, direction, peace, and wisdom. God has equipped her intellectually, educationally, and spiritually to reach the masses. I often say to others, “I wish I could bottle her up and pass her around”. I would pass out bottles to businesses, churches, community centers, juvenile detention centers, courts, group homes, shelters, schools and colleges just to name a few.

Submitted by Fulton County Djj on 12/22/2015

Linda Michelle Trainer, Executive Director

Brenetia is a person with strong ethics born to coach / train anyone who might be within ear’s reach. She has a desire is to leave the people and places she encounters better off than when she first appeared. She is masterfully successful with her desires.

Submitted by Elegant Doves International, Atlanta, Georgia on 12/22/2015

Dr. Gayle Rogers, Director / Founder

Brenetia’s approach to training is amazing. I’m a licensed counselor and she made me assess things about myself.

Submitted by Apostolic Coaching & Empowerment, Dana Pointe, California on 12/22/2015

Christopher May, E-Learning Developer

Brenetia is an awesome trainer. She makes the driest content exciting and entertaining. Brenetia has no problem with public speaking; she is eloquent, engaging and to the point. She takes her duties seriously. She examines issues in detail and makes informed decisions. I hope that I have the chance to work with Brenetia again.

Submitted by Coca-cola, Atlanta, Georgia on 12/22/2015

Gary Keys, Director

I’ve been taking leadership training for 20 years. This is by far the best and most comprehensive training program that I have ever attended.

Submitted by American Red Cross on 12/22/2015

Hyacinth Bryant, Training Manager

We contacted Ms. Adams-Robinson to customize several employee skills development training session to address specific motivational and employee engagement concerns. She quickly earned the reputation as a trainer of excellence with the capacity to get to the core root of an issue and help employees fully understand their critical role in achieving organizational goals.

Submitted by Department Of Watershed Management, Atlanta, Georgia on 12/22/2015