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Michele Gooch Recommendations

Submitted by Christian Womens Fellowship on Friday, Feb 14, 2020

Carol Louderback, VP CWF at Richland Hills Christian Church

On Topic

Michele was a down to earth speaker, she presented our topic in a very biblical and relatable manner. She was very comfortable in her surroundings and visited with all the ladies attending our conference. She is a motivative speaker and very knowledge about the bible. We would have her back ANYTIME.

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Judy Walther, President

Just completed our Women's Conference with Michele as our keynote. She was fabulous! Michele was spot-on with our theme---Be Courageous, Be Committed, Be Strong. She worked with us and presented a Bible based talk that resonated with every woman in the room. She was thought-provoking and reflective (and fun too.) We will be talking about this conference for months to come and Michele is a big part of why we will be doing so!

Submitted by Richland Hills Christian Church, Cwf on Monday, Feb 10, 2020

Sheila Fredrickson

Michele is fun, dynamic, and REAL. People-smart and Bible-smart, she did an outstanding job of mixing humor with relevant examples to keep the audience interested and connected when she spoke at a recent ladies' event at our church. Top-notch communication skills, combined with a powerful understanding of scriptural concepts, make her a fascinating speaker who leaves her audience wanting more. Michele uses her gifts from God to encourage others as they manage life, no easy feat in these times. I highly recommend her for your next event.

Submitted by Woods Chapel Baptist Church -- Arlington, Tx on Thursday, Apr 19, 2018

Christy Blum

Michele Gooch was our guest speaker at our Ladies Soring Brunch this year and she did an excellent job! She worked with our theme and our budget and gave an uplifting and inspirational message that the women are still talking about! Michele is a delightful speaker and gifted with a unique ability to communicate God’s Word straight into our life’s situations. I definitely recommend her as a guest speaker for your church’s event!

Submitted by Woods Chapel Baptist Church on Wednesday, Apr 18, 2018

Melissa Cunningham

I attended an bible study that Michele led this summer. She did an excellent job. She was very considerate of our time. She began each session on time and ended on time. She was thoroughly prepared with scripture, thoughtful leading questions, and scripture application. I would highly recommend her as a teacher and leader for any group.

Submitted by First Baptist Church Arlington, Texas on Tuesday, Dec 12, 2017

Terri Manley

Michele is a truly gifted speaker who teaches from the heart. She speaks with an honesty and transparency that is refreshing. I have been blessed to hear Michele speak many times and always walk away amazed and inspired by the clarity and fresh perspective of her messages. Even when Michele teaches from a familiar bible passage, the topic comes alive with a deeper insight to God's word, urging you to apply biblical truths to your own personal situation. Her messages are real and relevant to today's world and will leave you inspired to dig into God's word for yourself. It is a true blessing to hear Michele speak.

Submitted by Total Balance Solutions, Llc on Monday, Oct 23, 2017

Nanette Johnson, Preschool Minister

Michele is relate-able, fun, encouraging and real. Her capability to listen to people's needs is met with genuine encouragement that connects to their heart. She is people-smart as well as Bible-smart. When you combine the understanding of people and the skill to communicate with the knowledge of The Bible, you have a powerful female who impacts lives. She has done just that with the women at our place. Michele uses her gifts from God to encourage others as they manage life.

Submitted by First Baptist Church Arlington, Texas on Saturday, Sep 23, 2017