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Frank Turner, Pastor, DCC

"I have been working with Faye in a professional capacity for 8 years. A dynamic, influential speaker, Faye speaks straight to the heart offering a profound message of hope and healing to overcome life's most difficult challenges."

Submitted by His Way Christian Fellowship on Monday, Nov 02, 2015

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Faye Register Most Recent Recommendations

Chrissie Blow, Christian Counselor

"A passionate speaker with a heart on fire, Faye is a must have for your next event. God has given her an amazing story to share- full of wisdom, wit and insight that will fill your heart with hope and promise."

Submitted by Light The Way Ministries on Monday, Nov 02, 2015

Caroline Martling, Senior Writer

"Speaking authentically from her own life experiences, Faye is able to identify with women from all walks of life. Her message is one of overcoming fear, triumphing through adversity, and finding hope on the other side. She will make you laugh, then moments later move you to tears, as she shares the lessons that God has taught her along the way. Her story is inspiring and her delivery is captivating. When people say that 'the best things come in small packages' they must have been talking about Faye"!

Submitted by Momentum Europe Campus Crusade For Christ on Monday, Nov 02, 2015