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Kathleen Cooke Recommendations

Submitted by Lakewood Church on Thursday, Dec 08, 2016

Lisa Osteen Comes

On Topic

I highly recommend Kathleen Cooke to you as a speaker and minister. I have known Kathleen for over 25 years and she brings experience, wisdom, and joy through her life-changing messages.
Lisa Osteen Comes
Associate Pastor, Lakewood Church

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Cassie Byram Exec. Creative Director

Kathleen Cooke is the whole package! Her talents are undeniable, but more important is her heart to serve. She has a passion for women, for the church, and ultimately, for the Kingdom of God. Kathleen's abilities to share her vast experience and knowledge would be a gift to any platform.

Submitted by Asbury University on Thursday, Mar 07, 2019

Dr. Jim Owens, Dean, School of Communication Arts

I would highly recommend Kathleen Cooke to you as a speaker. She is passionate, well-informed, and easy to work with. We have hosted her as a guest speaker on our campus multiple times and always found that she challenged the audience.

Submitted by Asbury University on Saturday, Apr 01, 2017

Brenda Epperson

Kathleen served with enthusiasm as Ascend Women Co-Director for 3 years. Her heart for women is astounding. She serves with passion and a heart to truly change the world.

Submitted by Ascend Women on Sunday, Jan 22, 2017

Nancy Sawyer Schraeder - Writer/Producer

Kathleen is a winsome, seasoned speaker, able to cross cultures and inspire diverse audiences on a multitude of topics.

Submitted by Freelance Writer/producer on Thursday, Dec 15, 2016

Emily Hibard

I've had the opportunity to listen to Kathleen Cooke at a number of Los Angeles events (CBS Studio Center, Ambassador Auditorium, Bel Air Church, etc.). I love her heart for people, communication style and appreciate the immense preparation she puts into each talk.

Submitted by Hibard Group on Wednesday, Dec 14, 2016

Rob Hoskins, President

Captivating! Kathleen Cooke is a captivating and exceptional communicator and storyteller! I've heard her on numerous occasions in various locations around the world, and she never fails to deliver. Beyond her message, her passion to encourage and add value to the listener is evidenced in the way she engages her audience even after the event. She's winsome and sincere - the real deal!

Submitted by Onehope on Tuesday, Dec 13, 2016

Nancy Stafford, Author, Speaker & Actress

Kathleen is one of most engaging and impactful speakers around. Her heart is to connect women to God and to each other, and it shines through in all she says and does. She is a living example of what she preaches--she is a true Influencer and motivates others to be the same. Your organization will be blessed and encouraged by Kathleen Cooke!

Submitted by Nancy Stafford on Sunday, Dec 11, 2016

Robin Bertram

Kathleen Cooke is an exceptional speaker who brings a wealth of knowledge from "hands on" experience in many different areas of media and ministry. She is professional, transparent and very engaging. I would highly recommend Kathleen Cooke for your next event.

Submitted by Christian Women In Meida on Friday, Dec 09, 2016

Diane Paddison, Found and Executive Director

Kathleen Cooke is a poised, smart, and entertaining speaker. She catches the audiences attention with her high energy level, positive attitude, appearance, and expert knowledge. She shares her information in creative ways with pictures, film, etc. to educate her audience.

Submitted by 4wordwomen.org on Friday, Dec 09, 2016

Paul Crouch Jr. President

Kathleen is extremely articulate and uniquely qualified to speak on a number of subjects. Her desire to reach the next generation through media is something we can all benefit from. I highly recommend her, and am humbled by her heart for ministry.

Submitted by Pj Video Llc on Thursday, Dec 08, 2016

Carol Doyel

Kathleen is a wonderful speaker, she has the ability to engage her audience through story telling. I've heard her speak many times and always find her messages and talks fresh and relevant. Her warm, non-threatening style allows her to connect well with her audience. She is also able to talk about a wide range of topics due to her experience and background.

Submitted by Livingbetter50.com on Thursday, Dec 08, 2016

Brenda Crouch - Speaker, Writer, TV Co-Host

I have had the pleasure of hearing Kathleen speak on numerous occasions for a variety of venues and each time I walk away inspired, having gained greater insights and immense appreciation for her authenticity and relevance along with the multiple talents which she has mastered to deliver her message to the world.

Submitted by Brenda Crouch Ministries on Thursday, Dec 08, 2016

Shari Rigby

Kathleen is wonderful! She speaks directly to the hearts of those who are in her midst. God has blessed her with the ability to share messages from the Bible in a way that you relate and can easily apply to your life.

Submitted by The Women In My World on Thursday, Dec 08, 2016

Dr. Chip Roper, Director of Marketplace Engagement

Kathleen is winsome, down-to-earth, and on point. She combines passion with proven expertise. Hard to imagine a context where she could not make a valued contribution to topics spanning work, media, the middle East, and family dynamics. A real assett to any any program.

Submitted by The New York City Leadership Center on Thursday, Dec 08, 2016

Mary Beth Minnis, Producer and Mentor

Kathleen Cooke inspires and challenges me every time she speaks or writes. She has a unique ability to understand the times we live in and deliver a timeless and wise message in a way that resonates in people's hearts and minds. I highly recommend her as a speaker.

Submitted by Cru on Thursday, Dec 08, 2016

Deborah Smith Pegues, Bestselling Author/Speaker

Kathleen Cooke's passion to see women maximize their potential comes thru loud and clear as she delivers relevant topics to women from one end of the economic spectrum to the other. Her candor, competence, relatability, and warm spirit endear her to her audience as she inspires them to use their influence to impact their various environments. I highly recommend her as a speaker.

Submitted by The Pegues Group, Inc on Thursday, Dec 08, 2016