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Tammy Whitehurst Recommendations

Submitted by Olive Baptist Church-Joy Class on 11/01/2015

Lanara Southard, Conference organizer

On Topic

"If you have never heard Tammy Whitehurst speak; you have missed one of God's greatest blessings. Olive Baptist Church Joy Sunday School Class has had women's retreats since 1985, and I don't think there has been a speaker filled with the Joy of the Lord more than Tammy. She speaks to the youngest seeking God's own heart, and to the most mature in the Lord. Her ""sold out to the Lord"" message infuses your heart with great joy, and opens your soul wide open to the spirit of God's love while you are shaking with belly laughs. When you have her; be sure to plan lots of bathroom breaks. You will leave the retreat with such a grin on your face that not only can God can see it all the way from heaven, but everyone you meet can. You will be renewed from within, and it will show the world that you have been changed. What a kingdom builder!! You go girl and continue to change the world to make it a better place with that huge smile on your face.......

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Cathy Primer Krafve

Tammy grabs her audience's attention with energy and laughter. I've heard her several times now and she never disappoints. I always leave her feeling ready-- ready for the next step God has for me! She makes me want to take a risk for Him with JOY.

Submitted by Camp Krafve on 01/12/2022

Jonette Anderson, Event Organizer

REAL, encouraging, God-inspired and JOYful are words to describe Tammy Whitehurst. She radiates an authentic love for God and His people. She was among the ladies not only as their speaker, but their servant as she cleared tables. Her passion and heart's desire is to have all women experience the freedom and JOY that comes from living in an intimate companionship with Christ. She took time to be quiet and seek the Holy Spirit for direction before each session--her talks are not ""canned"" but adapted to her audience as she feels led by God. We had ladies accept the Lord, rededicate their lives and receive ministry after being inspired by Tammy. She tickled funny bones, stirred spirits, challenged minds and touched hearts. Her smile and love for life are infectious. She is an excellent and prompt communicator when your group is setting up an event. ....

Submitted by Northwoods Women's Retreat on 07/09/2019

Nolan Richey, Pastor

As pastor of Concord Missionary Baptist Church in Omaha, Texas, I am pleased to recommend Tammy Whitehurst and “Joy for the Journey” ministry. Tammy recently held a conference at our church as part of our women’s ministry, and she did a tremendous job. Tammy is a very energetic speaker. She adds humor and emotion to make her presentation more appealing to those in need. She has a very unique style of delivery. Tammy also feels that God has led her to minister to ladies who need encouragement in this troubled world in which we live. Because Tammy loves her Lord and is very active in her local church, I highly recommend her.

Submitted by Concord Missionary Baptist Church on 01/15/2019

Rita Clawson, Christian Singer and Blogger

Tammy Whitehurst is one of the funniest gals I know. Tammy has been an inspiration to me so many times I can’t count. She encourages, supports, and makes you feel like a better person. She is a speaker who will enhance your life with love and laughter! Her ministry is amazing and her ability to share her heart and her smile is truly something to see. She makes you think and pulls you toward God’s Word. I highly recommend this great GODLY woman to speak at your event. She can open your eyes to the path everyone needs to be on—that JOYFUL journey! Rita Clawson, Ore City, Texas

Submitted by Cedar Springs Baptist Church on 11/01/2015