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Shana Strange Recommendations

Submitted by Cross Trails Cowboy Church Women Of Worship (WoW) on 10/29/2018

Sherrie Jackson Team Leader

On Topic

Found Shana after our 2nd Women's conference and booked her for our 3rd conference. I started following her on fb and Instagram. Everytime I watched her, I became more convinced that she was the girl for us. She did not disappoint. She was thoughtful and caring and God's light shines through her. She brought a beautiful message that was heartfelt and stirred the souls of our guest. She was also our musical guest, what a beautiful voice. Her orginal songs are amazing. She has her eyes fixed on Jesus and she wants to make sure everyone else does too. You will not be disappointed in booking her.

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Rhonda Burrows

Shana brings a unique, real and touching message of how God has and is working in her life. She lays bear the issues of self-image, fear and change that is so needed for us to see ourselves as our Heavenly Father truly sees us. She also brings encouragement to seek after the destiny God has laid out for us in His word. She is also a very gifted song writer as well as speaker.

Submitted by Cornerstone Worship Center on 12/27/2023

Amanda Malone Pastors Wife

Shana is spirit led and always provides sound and profound words of wisdom, she has beautiful songs that she has wrote that we sing in our church today. She is very transparent and will lead your ladies in a unique prospective of your walk with Christ. Just love her

Submitted by Cornerstone Worship Center on 07/03/2023

Jane Cole

Shana is a very down to earth, transparent, authentic person, inside and out! I love hearing what she has to say. It always helps me! She knows how to connect, with whomever is listening to her, whether it's a large or small group! Many of us can definitely relate to, whatever topic, she is speaking about!

Submitted by Individual on 11/10/2022

Jacqueline Manning

Shana has an amazing ability to take what is in the natural and give biblical wisdom and principal to it! Loved the depth of scripture used in her sermon as well! ❤️

Submitted by Lifebridge Christian Center on 09/24/2021

Richard Kaufman Pastor

We have Shana several times, and what a blessing! She I anointed to sing and to minister.

Submitted by Martin Baptist Church on 04/18/2018