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Connie Mesko, Specifications Rep

"I have known Gabrielle Sharkey in many capacities. We were colleagues for over three years. Originally, I met her when we worked together in retail management for Eddie Bauer Home Collection. I was so impressed with her in that position, I lobbied to hire her at Cooks Mart when I changed jobs. I didn't want to be without her.

Gabrielle is a rare combination of intelligence, creativity, perseverance and compassion. I am proud to call her my friend of almost 15 years. I have watched her blossom professionally and personally. If something needs done, she is the one to call. Her marriage is one to emulate. I marvel at the way she and her husband, Bob, have welcomed so many children into their lives. They are the best examples of unconditional love and family I can think of.

Gabrielle is sunshine that beams on everyone around her. I am a big fan of hers and would recommend her for just about anything. I am happy to give a verbal recommendation if you need one as well.......

Submitted by Wilsonart International on Saturday, Oct 31, 2015

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Gabrielle Sharkey-Oldfield Most Recent Recommendations

Rebecca Barth, Chief Humor Officer, Speaker, Emcee, Radio, Author

Gabe Oldfield is a genuinely Spirit-led speaker. Not only is her comfortable and professional manner a delight to listen to, she most importantly has a heart for Jesus and for the women in her audience. Beyond speaking, Gabe reaches out to participants before and after to see how she can support them in their faith journey. I look forward to the next time I can hear Gabe speak.

Submitted by Interface Communications on Thursday, Aug 01, 2019

Leah McClain

Gabrielle was a great speaker! Lots of energy, engaging and real!

Submitted by Community Church Of The Rockies Women's Ministry on Monday, Jul 02, 2018

Jennifer Forrrster

Gabrielle was easy to work with. Our Women’s retreat went so well with Gabrielle as one of our speakers. She was able to attend the weekend with us, get to know us and have a wonderful time learning, growing in the spirit and having fun. I would recommend Gabrielle to any group who wants to learn more about their faith through personal experience and bible based teaching. It was a treat to have her with us! Get ready to be blessed!

Submitted by Faith Church on Tuesday, Jun 26, 2018

Kim DeMey, Prayer Pastor/Wife of Executive Pastor

My name is Kim DeMey and I am the executive pastors wife at Jubilee Fellowship Church. I have had the privilege of knowing Gabrielle for about 6 years. Words are insufficient to describe the character, integrity, and selflessness that she exhibits. She is one of the most kind hearted, hard working and dedicated woman I know. Everything she does she does with excellence. She is a wonderful friend, wife and mother. I highly recommend her to your program. Thank you, Kim DeMey"

Submitted by Jubilee Fellowship Church on Saturday, Oct 31, 2015

Robin Crout, Project Manager

I worked with Gabrielle for 7.5 years and found her to not only be an inspiration to me because of her work ethics, but also because of her kindness, charitable nature and her Christian beliefs. She reminded me daily of what is truly important and her actions definitely spoke volumes. I consider her a very gracious and loving woman who knows who she is and what she believes in and is a positive role model for today’s women.

Submitted by Triple C Communications on Saturday, Oct 31, 2015