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Melinda Doskocil

She did a phenomenal job with this conference. She really touched on things that stirred my heart and emotions. She used some Bible passages and paralleled them to our discussion in ways I have not considered before. She is so personal and down to earth and very honest. Such great attributes for a womans speaker.

Submitted by First Baptist Church Of Academy on Friday, Apr 13, 2018

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Amy Rognlie Most Recent Recommendations

Brent Boatwright, Sr. Pastor

Amy presented an excellent women's conference at our church. The conference was titled, "Hope Rising." Amy encouraged a group of about 40 ladies to find their hope in God. Many of the women commented to me how articulate Amy was and how well she spoke from the heart, God's Word, and from real life experience. Many of the women are desiring to host this conference again to try to reach more women who need to hear this great message of hope.

Submitted by First Baptist Church Of Academy on Friday, Nov 09, 2018

Don Stiles, Director

Amy reviewed some of her books for our monthly book review called Books for Lunch two different times. The books were engaging to our audience and her presentations were organized and entertaining. I always invite authors to attend one of our reviews prior to their own review if they wish. A man who did a review the month after Amy said, "Wow, a tough act to follow!" Actually, he too did quite well because Amy is a good teacher and role model of just how to present a stellar review.

Submitted by Temple Literacy Council on Monday, Sep 24, 2018

Phyllis Montgomery

Amy is an entertaining speaker. Our group enjoyed her sharing her discussion of her books. She shared her faith and how it helps her writing styles.

Submitted by Western Hills Church Of Christ Prime Timers on Saturday, Sep 22, 2018

Gay Kurtz

Amy is a very eloquent speaker. She has a powerful testimony of faith, drugs, addiction, pain, death, grace, and redemption. Everyone should hear what God has to say through her!

Submitted by First Baptist Church on Thursday, Apr 26, 2018