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Joy Bowser Recommendations

Submitted by Self on 12/24/2017

Billie Sue Neitzke

On Topic

Joy is an excellent speaker. She speaks of God and how he has worked in others as well as her life. Her perspective of life is Gods word. I know from personal experience, I can call her with any question, If she doesn't have the answer she is quick quick to respond, usually within the hour. She knows I am not patient. I would encourage anyone to listen to her messages. They may be from the lawnmower, shower, or walking in the world He created.

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Tara Aumend

Ms Bowser is very down to earth and very easy to talk to. I met her at my old church and felt a very easy connection. She really listens and understands, maybe cause she has been there. I love hearing her devotions and prayers!

Submitted by N/a on 12/14/2017