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Ruby Hayes

Christian Speaker
Artist K'Mille- Singer/Songwriter/Actress/Author
Lebanon New Jersey 08833

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I am not born to fail.

I am not born to fail.

Contact Information

Name Artist K'Mille- Singer/Songwriter/Actress/Author
Lebanon, NJ 08833
United States of America

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  • Salvation Date
  • 1993
  • Home Church
  • South Ridge Community Church
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More About Ruby Hayes

I was born in New York City. My parents moved our family, including me and my siblings to Ocean County NJ when I was 4 years old. There have been many challenges along the way. We have survived. My love for God, Family, people and life has grown. The Lord told me I was made for the fire. Meaning, the fire of testing, learning not to trust the flesh, but only in Him. To be shaped and formed more and more into His likeness. Learning to Love and appreciate life, for we take so many things for granted. I started writing as a young child, first with poems to express my feelings then small stories with illustrations. Then was lead to journal my life, my fears and concerns started being expressed to the fullest. I found out with stories, I hid behind make believe characters trying to manipulate their lives into what I really wanted my life to be. This "hiding" or denial technique in writing helped to keep my wall of pain and not trusting others solid and impenetrable. Not until, one day the Lord told me to keep a journal. Only when I started writing down my true feelings, was I hit with the reality, I need help Lord! The pain I held onto so many years, He taught me to trust Him and to give it to Him and walked me through my healing. He told me to now write out my testimony and publish it into a book. My testimony is to help others in their walk to healing. Hense, "Snatch Back" was authored. The Lord Snatched me out of the hands of the enemy and He can do the same for you.

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