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Peggy Ployhar Recommendations

Submitted by True North Homeschool Academy on 10/20/2022

Amy Vickrey, MSE Struggling Learners Teacher And Academic Advisor

On Topic

Peggy is a warm, encouraging speaker. She speaks with authority as someone who has been through the trenches, experienced life, and learned from it. She portrays love and warmth. Her Godly character is evident in all she does and says, and she serves others through a gracious spirit. She leads through example and loves what she does. I am blessed every time I hear her talk, no matter the setting.

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Vanessa Moran

I enjoy your daily devotions, thank you! I've heard a couple of your other resources. They are great.

Submitted by Journey Of Faith Women's Bible Study on 01/25/2023

Lisa Nehring

Peggy is a gracious and knowledgeable speaker who inspires, educates and brings out the best in people! She is an dedicated student of the Word of God and her love for Scripture, the Gospel and God's people shines through her words and presentations!

Submitted by True North Homeschool Academy on 01/04/2022