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Pam Caylor Recommendations

Submitted by Church Of Jesus Our Lord Of Las Vegas on 05/24/2021

Bishop Mark Holcomb

On Topic

I can't say enough about how great it is to work with Pam. She is a magnificent speaker and always captivates us with her delivery of the word of God. I couldn't find a better speaker to speak to the people of God. Every time she speaks, she leaves the members of our church engaged and inspired. You could have heard a pin drop in the audience when she talks because they wanted to make sure they heard every pure anointed word she spoke. If you're looking for someone to preach the unadulterated word of God, look no further.

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Tasha Myles, Lay Minister

From day one of meeting Pam Caylor, a lifestyle of HOLINESS / PURITY was loud and clear! Pam is literally a walking Bible! Being that I have worked with her in Ministry for several years, I’ve observed SEVERAL Bible verses being modeled right before my very eyes! She is truly a woman of patience, virtue, love, compassion, and kindness! She is heaven sent AND an ANSWERED PRAYER. She’s “the REAL DEAL,” which is surely what we need in this day and time! After having two abortions, I never thought that healing could be any way possible until AFTER my FIRST encounter with Pam! WHAT A BLESSING and a true GIFT, not just to myself, but to the WORLD!

Submitted by Fc on 09/24/2021

Brendia Holcomb

The first time I met Pam, I knew she was serious about God and doing his will in everything she does. She's not only a masterful speaker and grabs your attention while she flows through the word of God; she inspires you whether she is behind the pulpit, or just having a casual conversation with you about the Goodness of Jesus. She is a true definition of God's servant. The words she speaks hold so much value and she always makes it her mission to give all glory to God. Pam Caylor is an inspiration to the body of Christ.

Submitted by Church Of Jesus Our Lord Of Las Vegas on 09/24/2021

Rickeya Velasquez, Pastor

Pastor Pam Caylor is an amazing woman. She is a devout Christian and loves the Lord with all of her heart. She has helped so many. She is caring, kind and compassionate. Pam is a dynamite speaker. She will take you on a journey through the bible so that you can read along with her teaching. She believes in what she preaches. "She loves the people of God with the Word of God." What a blessing it is to know her.

Submitted by Church Of Jesus Our Lord Of Las Vegas on 09/24/2021

Brenda Pratt Shafer

I met Pam Caylor over 15 years ago through the pro-life movement. I can say without hesitation she has to be one of the most on fire, pro-life people I know. She has a heart for Jesus Christ and for saving unborn children, as well as their mothers. She not only speaks from her heart, but she also speaks from her experience working in a crisis pregnancy center for many years and dealing with women in crisis pregnancy on a day-to-day basis. I would highly recommend her for your event! (Author, “What the Nurse Saw: Eyewitness to Abortion”)

Submitted by What The Nurse Saw Ministries on 09/24/2021

Kay Painter, Author, International Speaker and Minister

I’ve known Pam Caylor for 15 years and had the privilege to hear her speak on many occasions. She has proven time and again that she not only speaks well, but she also lives it. You can tell by her success in her pregnancy center that she has a passion for women in a crisis pregnancy situation and for the unborn. Any company would be blessed to have her as a speaker for healing, counseling, and encouragement, whether on stage or off.

Submitted by Rememberingsara.org on 09/24/2021

Margarita Walker

Pam’s shepherding has resulted in lives saved and changed because of her devotion to sharing the gospel with the lost. She’s a leader that embodies the fruits of the Spirit which makes following her a delight! I’ve witnessed her seek first the Kingdom of God on many occasions that would have normally caused panic or fear but her devout love for Gods presence in all situations was always beautiful reminder of how we all should be!

Submitted by Fcps on 05/23/2021

Rev Samuel Asante Beecham

Pastor Pam Caylor is acknowledge in a lot of Assemblies of God churches in Accra, Ghana, West Africa as an Evangelist, Teacheyand highly respected minister of the Gospel. She is a dynamic speaker who preaches the undiluted word of God. She is affable, faithful, compassionate and down to earth. She practices what she preaches. I highly recommend her

Submitted by Assemblies Of God on 05/22/2021

Ja’Brea Denise

I truly enjoy hearing Pam teach. I love how she always goes into detail making it easy to understand the subject at hand. Pam always has supporting evidence, which makes it easy to trust her because I know that she is not teaching me false doctrine. I have witnessed that Pam is well rounded in the Bible. Anytime I have a question about the Bible, she gives me the right tools to help guide me in the right direction to find an answer. She leads people to God and has always pointed me back to Him. This has helped me to develop a personal relationship with my creator and rely more on Him instead of others.

Submitted by N/a on 05/22/2021

Kenneth Washington Jr./Friend

From my own personal experience with Pam Caylor, she has been nothing short of amazing in her teachings. She really breaks things down so that everyone can understand. Highly recommended.

Submitted by N/a on 05/22/2021


Pam Caylor is an effective and charismatic, speaker who delivers a Powerful , Objective and Persuasive message. She is Enthusiastic about The Lord, and is well grounded in the Scripture.

Submitted by Physician on 05/18/2021

Carolyn Cunningham Johnson

Pastor Pam is an awesome speaker, a women of great integrity, dedicated to the things of God. Her faithfulness and longsuffering in ministry is commendable. She is a asset to the Body of ChrIst. Her ability to teach and reach people through the simplicity of the Word is awesome. I love her ministry.

Submitted by The Divine Kingdom on 05/18/2021

Tammy Halladay, RN

Pam is one of the most selfless, compassionate and persevering woman I know. Her consistent love for others and passion for our Lord Jesus Christ is evident not only in the words that she speaks, but in her daily walk. Pam captivates her audience instantaneously with her genuine spirit and diverse experiences in the mission field of Las Vegas. Her messages are clear and powerful. Her tone is authentic, and she displays an attitude that nothing is impossible with God. I highly recommend Pam as a truly inspirational and Spirit filled speaker.

Submitted by First Choice Pregnancy Services on 05/18/2021

Joe and Janet McMahon

Janet and I have often listened to Pam Caylor during functions we have attended and I have to say that she is captivating and always has a positive and motivating message to give us. You can count on Pam to speak from her heart as she shares her own personal experiences and testimonies from other women ahe has been in contact with. I highly recomend her for any function you may be considering because of her wonderful and compassionate heart and the honest and sincere way she presents herself. Well done Pam. Five stars.

Submitted by Wlcc on 10/20/2019

Natasha Washington

I first met Pam back in 2009 at First Choice Pregnancy Services. Her compassion and love for God's people just blew me away! She is highly giftted in speaking on post-abortion healing, forgiveness and restoration for the soul. The truth that she flows in is something that could only be described as simply amazing! Her drive and love for God's people is a gift that could only come from above. I am honoroed to know her as not just a great Motivational Speaker, but she's also my Pastor and friend. ❤

Submitted by First Choice Pregnancy Services on 10/20/2019