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Bobbie Schaeperkoetter Recommendations

Submitted by First Baptist Church Meico, MO on 06/08/2019

Ginny Raney

On Topic

Bobbie spoke at our women's ministry tea/luncheon. Her message led each of us to evaluate our walk with the Lord and how He is using us to further His kingdom. She used practical examples to emphasize how we are a work in process having been or being rescued, redeemed and refurbished. She interjected humor in her message and we all left encouraged to grow in our faith, becoming more like Jesus daily.

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Paula Lister

Bobbie truly listens to God & His Holy Spirit. Her heart for everyone to seek God in every aspect of life is refreshing. Best of all she shares her life as it is. She is a beautiful blessing in so many ways.

Submitted by Liberty Baptist Church Columbia on 02/08/2022

Kaila Lister Small Group Leader

I can not recommend her enough!! She brought so much insight, prospective and encouragement to our conference this year she follows the holy spirits leading and is just a amazing speaker I could go on. But so very thankful to have heard her speak can’t wait for the next time!

Submitted by Liberty Baptist Church on 09/13/2021

Sharon Caldwell - Pastor's wife

Bobby is a great, fun, bubbly, cute young lady; that shares her heart 100 percent! we totally loved her sharing with us at our retreat. she isn’t someone that you have to get to know, because she’s an icebreaker the minute you meet her and she speaks Gods truth! She is awesome with understanding On all scales on the spectrum, young and more mature groups!we are looking forward to seeing Bobby a lot more in the future. thanks, Sharon Caldwell

Submitted by Liberty Baptist Church Columbia on 01/30/2020

Elizabeth Knerr

She was great, very personable and made the stories she told connect to the message and she was able to keep us laughing but she was able to share God while being funny. Which I think is a huge blessing. Her stories were very relatable!

Submitted by Cta-c on 01/30/2020

Jill Lillard, MA LPC

Bobbie has such a heart for women in community. I have served with Bobbie on INSPIRE and her walk with the Lord is solid. She is consistently in God's word, lifting up her team in prayer and with timely Scripture. As a speaker she is able to articulate biblical truths in a way that is polished, yet vulnerable and always resonates with women.

Submitted by The Happiest Lives, Llc on 01/19/2020

Amanda Butler -Retreat Organizer

Bobbie is an incredible speaker. She joined our women for a weekend retreat and just instantly fit in with our group. Her lessons were encouraging and challenged us at the same time. Bobbie is a natural speaker and she has a gift for strengthening and building up women!! She is engaging and so knowledgeable in scripture and the love of Jesus!

Submitted by Bcc on 04/09/2019

Paula Huffman- finance committee Leader

Bobbie was elegant, gracious and down to earth. Her message was creative and encouraging. I would enjoy hearing another message by her. She allowed God to speak through her to touch our hearts and help us understand our value God's kingdom. I would recommend Bobbie for your event!!!

Submitted by Clinton Women's Outreach Ministry on 10/30/2018

Kris Vincent

It was an absolute pleasure to have Bobbie speak at our event.

Submitted by Clinton Women's Outreach Ministry on 10/30/2018