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Deborah Finley Recommendations

Submitted by Fireside Group on 09/27/2021

Sharon Lemke, Staff

On Topic

Deborah Finley's program was wonderfully inspiring, I could sense the Holy Spirit working through her as she ministered to our group.

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Educational Coordinator

I'm thankful for the precious time and knowledge Deborah spent with our clients. Those who attended came away with tools that they can use in their daily lives. Everyone said her Her topics have been great and look forward to her coming back again. She was a great speaker! Her book gives a step-by step guide, including a focus on the importance of laughter, "Laughter should be at the top of your list of things to do everyday,"Finley said.- The Northwest Herald News

Submitted by Home Of The Sparrow-women/children Shelter on 12/04/2015

Tim Roames, Pastor

Deborah is someone I've had the privilege of knowing for over 27 years and have witnessed her deep faith in God, she attends the church I Pastor and her and her husband have served on staff for 8 years and are our Worship Leaders. Their lives are an encouragement to all that know them. Their love for God is evident in all they do. Deborah has always done a wonderful job and I would highly recommend her. Also, Deborah Finley, the author of the excellent book, "What Your Future Holds and What You Can Do To Change It." is a book that will encourage you, surprise you, and challenge and guide you into some truths that will help heal past hurts and change your future for the better. I know those that read it, will be blessed as they apply what they read.

Submitted by Good News Church on 10/29/2015

Kara Lavengood, Producer

Thank you, Deborah for sharing your testimony with us and the TV Viewers of the 700 Club! After listeners watched your story, and TV Film Reenactment, 333 people called our prayer counselors and prayed for salvation and many others were no doubt, touched by your story!

Submitted by Cbn-christian Broadcasting Network on 10/29/2015